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KPMG’s Global Indirect Tax and Trade Compliance Benchmark Survey

Global Indirect Tax & Trade Compliance Benchmark Survey

As a seasoned indirect tax or trade compliance leader you make key decisions to evolve your department to ensure it keeps pace with unprecedented pressures, heightened compliance obligations, disruptive technological advancements, and more. Benchmarking against comparable organization’s departments can be a powerful tool for reflecting on your current structure, performance metrics, accountabilities, compliance models and investments, such as in technology.


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Global Indirect Tax and Trade Compliance Benchmark Survey

About the Indirect Tax and Trade Compliance Benchmark Survey

KPMG International’s Indirect Tax and Trade Compliance Benchmark Survey seeks to monitor the evolution of indirect tax and trade compliance benchmarks globally. It allows you to assess emerging best practice, industry benchmarks and geographic or industry variances and engage more effectively with stakeholders and other functions within your organization. It has proven to be helpful in enabling businesses and their tax functions to assess where they stand overall and to identify areas of further improvement.

The results of the survey will further build on the initial Global Tax Department Benchmarking report – which looks at tax departments worldwide, based on KPMG International's survey of approximately 300 heads of tax from multinational organizations in more than 30 countries. If you are responsible for tax overall for your organization, you will be provided with an opportunity to input to this research should you wish to.

How to get started

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Your views are important to us. By participating in the survey, you will have the opportunity to gain exclusive access to the invaluable results. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once you start the survey, the system automatically saves your progress and sends you an access email that allows you to return to complete your survey where you left off. 

New this year – your personalized benchmark

The survey platform enables your KPMG contact (as specified by you in the survey) to prepare a personalized report for you. This report benchmarks your responses against the global dataset for a more detailed view of how your organization measures up.

Your email address will serve as your survey identifier and should you wish to receive this additional personalized report, you can also indicate this in the survey when prompted to do so. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose and your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

The survey results will are analyzed in late 2017 and published early next year on  


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