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Global Tax Benchmarking series: Latin America special report

Global Tax Benchmarking series: LATAM special report

KPMG International’s ongoing Global Tax Benchmarking Survey polls tax leaders around the world to reveal the structures, governance, priorities and performance measures of tax departments today, and to deliver insights as to how leading tax departments expect to transform in the next 5 years.


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Latin America Tax Benchmarking Report

This special report takes an in-depth look at the top issues, priorities and leading practices of these tax leaders as they deal with the rapidly changing tax environment in Latin America.

For tax leaders of international companies, benchmarking against comparable tax departments can be a powerful tool for reflecting on your current structure. It can also help you assess how the changes you make today can prepare you for the challenges and opportunities your tax department will likely face tomorrow.

While the number of global survey responses continues to grow, the database is already believed to be the most robust of its kind that exists on a global scale, with responses from some 400 tax leaders around the world. This report focuses specifically on Latin America, exploring the results of 80 quantitative survey responses and 20 qualitative interviews from tax leaders who represent organizations doing business in this region.

What do these responses tell us about the Latin American environment for tax leaders? Rapid legislative change and rising tax audit risk are among several factors drawing more focus toward tax compliance. The Latin American tax authorities’ drive to digitize their tax systems is helping Latin American tax functions move ahead of their global counterparts in their own use of tax technology in data collection and compliance processes.

Looking ahead, survey results suggest that the trend toward greater centralization and standardization will continue. Standardizing processes is a high priority for Latin American tax leaders in the next 5 years. Tax technology and process optimization are their preferred choices for new investment, with investments in people close behind.

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