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Getting practical

Getting practical

Real use cases for blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in the Asset Management sector.



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Just recently, blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) were considered merely aspirational and a form of exaggerated hype. Many were claiming that these technologies would not fulfill their potential for disruption and revolutionize the asset management sector. Although, today these aspirations are in fact approaching reality.

There are many amazing benefits of blockchain and DLT that should be taken seriously. Many asset managers or banks are starting to recognize the wide range of benefits that this new technology could deliver.

In Getting practical, we cut through the hype of blockchain and DLT to offer real and practical examples of how these technologies work in the asset management space.

We look at three specific areas where blockchain and DLT are disrupting the status quo for investment managers and their value chains which include:

  1. Distribution: The fund distribution value chain is facing massive disruption. Could DLT be the value-generator everyone is looking for?
  2. Middle office and clearing services: DLT-enabled platforms are elevating middle office functions from cost centers to profit enablers. Is your middle office thinking strategically about DLT?
  3. DLT enablement: In today’s market environment, investment managers need access to timely, accurate and trustworthy transaction data. Are you ready to make the most of DLT?

We spotlight new startups and platforms that are influencing the adoption of the technology within the sector. And we offer a few key takeaways to help managers and value chain players prepare for the future. 

Learn more why everyone in the value chain should be thinking carefully about Blockchain and DLT, and contact your KPMG advisor to discuss how you can understand the opportunities for your organization. 

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