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Data & analytics

Data & analytics

A collection of @gov articles related to the topic of data and analytics.


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A roadmap for effective commissioning in human services

What you need to consider before adopting a commissioning model | 🕒 7-min read.


Turning public transit ads into powerful digital tools

Digital advertising can have a transformative effect on transport operators, by providing revenue, engaging the customer and offering a rich data source to improve operations | 🕒 8-min read.


Alex Benay: opening Canadian government

Alex Benay, Canada’s Chief Information Officer, sat down with @gov to discuss his plans to disrupt the way the government buys and uses technology | 🕒 7-min read.


Predictive analytics in the service of vulnerable citizens

Predictive analytics is coming to the fore in the way that governments deliver human services | 🕒 7-min read.


Sharing government data for a better world

Data sharing can provide government the opportunity to offer better service to citizens | 🕒 13-min read.


Crowd-sourced apps are a two-way street for transport agencies

Crowd-sourced data from transit apps are helping make smarter infrastructure decisions and improve customer services | 🕒 6-min read.


Breaking up transport bottlenecks with D&A

D&A techniques powered by real-time traveler information can help public transport operators ease the ever-growing congestion | 🕒 4-min read.


Big data boom drives need for new Chief Data Officer role

6 first steps for incoming government Chief Data Officers | 🕒 4-min read.


Data and analytics: opportunities for government

KPMG professionals and civil servants from across government, discuss the opportunities data and analytics can provide | 🕒 3-min video.


Data and analytics: challenges for government

KPMG professionals and civil servants from across government, discuss the challenges data and analytics can provide | 🕒 3-min video.


Informed consent: how government can unlock value from data

Governments have the opportunity to make a more transparent and persuasive case for data sharing to deliver more personalized services to citizens | 🕒 5-min read.


The data-trust deficit

Recent polls conducted by KPMG reveal a desire among citizens for more online services from government, but a reluctance to share personal information electronically | 🕒 5-min read.

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