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Cyber security

Cyber security

A collection of @gov articles related to the topic of cyber security.


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Cyber defense in depth: high walls alone won’t defend the castle

Assume that you have been compromised and work on what needs to be done to address it | 🕒 7-min read.


Walls have ears

The insider threat has long been a concern for organizational security. To help tackle this, culture and process should both outrank technology. KPMG’s Mike Stone, former CIO of the UK Ministry of Defence, shares his insight | 🕒 4-min read.


In tough times, government CIOs can be digital leaders

CIOs who are not able to step up risk having their roles diminished | 🕒 5-min read.


How governments can safeguard their supply chain against cyber risk

Exposure to cyber risk escalates as governments embrace new technologies and service providers, but smarter third-party risk management strategies are helping them engage safely | 🕒 5-min read.


How vulnerable are governments to cyber crime?

As government services go digital, criminals are spotting new opportunities for fraudulent claims and theft | 🕒 4-min read.


Five ways for governments to tighten up cyber security

In creating a safe, digital environment for citizens and companies, government can embrace leading practices from the private sector, and encourage employees to be more cyber-aware | 🕒 4-min read.


Information infrastructure security

A EU report urges greater public-private collaboration and information sharing, to protect critical information of national importance | 🕒 3-min read.

In tough times, government CIOs can be digital leaders

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