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See how your department compares to peers

See how your department compares to peers

Feedback on the KPMG Global Tax Department Benchmarking initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. Many tax leaders are eager for this benchmark data, and KPMG International is committed to building the most robust tax department benchmarking database of its kind on a global scale.


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A key benefit of taking part in the survey is the opportunity to gain insights into how you compare to other tax departments around the world. KPMG tax partners and professionals across our member firms have the ability to access an exclusive tool that has been developed to generate customized benchmarks for survey participants across a range of filters that may be of relevance to you.

By taking part in the survey, tax leaders have an opportunity to opt in to receive these individualized insights in order to assess how they compare to peers across the areas of most interest to them.

Tax leader participants have reported using the benchmarking data in a variety of ways, such as supporting their budget requests, furthering their case for a place at the leadership table, informing discussions about department structures and more. 

Survey responses are always confidential. Learn more about the survey and how to take part.

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