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M&A Predictor 2016 AmCharts

M&A Predictor 2016 AmCharts

After a record-breaking year for M&A in 2015, it is perhaps no surprise that overall transactional activity was more subdued in 2016.


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To view the Top 100 Global Deals and the Top 50 Cross-sector Deals in 2016, select the appropriate chart below.

M&A Predictor

Global deals

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Ultimate target name Value (USDm) i

Deal Value/Value of Transaction: Total value of consideration paid by the acquiror, excluding fees and expenses. The value includes the amount paid for all common stock, common stock equivalents, preferred stock, debt, options, assets, warrants, and stake purchases made within six months of the announcement date of the transaction. Liabilities assumed are included in the value if they are publicly disclosed. Preferred stock is only included if it is being acquired as part of a 100% acquisition. For public target 100% acquisitions, the number of shares at date of announcement is used.

Ultimate bidder name i

If available, the original name and country of acquirer is used.

M&A Predictor

Cross-border deals

About the M&A Predictor

KPMG’s M&A Predictor is a forward-looking tool that helps member firm clients to forecast worldwide trends in mergers and acquisitions. All the raw data within the Predictor is sourced from S&P Capital IQ.

The Predictor was established in 2007. It looks at the appetite and capacity for M&A deals by tracking and projecting important indicators 12 months forward. The rise or fall of forward P/E (price/earnings) ratios offers a good guide to the overall market confidence, while net debt to EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) ratios helps gauge the capacity of companies to fund future acquisitions. The Predictor covers the world by sector and region. It is produced using data comprising 2,000 of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization.*

All raw deal data is sourced from Dealogic, as of December 31, 2016. Transactions where a trade buyer has taken a minimum 5 percent shareholding in an overseas company are reflected as a cross-border deal. Entities considered for analysis include Strategic Buyers, Financial Sponsors, Government Institutions, and Sovereign Wealth Funds. All cross-border deals involving China and Hong Kong/British Virgin Islands/Cayman Islands are treated as domestic Chinese transactions.

*The financial services and property sectors are excluded from our analysis, as net debt/EBITDA ratios are not considered relevant in these industries. Where possible, earnings and EBITDA data is on a pre-exceptional basis with the exception of Japan, for which GAAP has been used.

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