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Curacao - Other taxes and levies

Curacao - Other taxes and levies

Taxation of international executives.


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Social security tax

Are there social security/social insurance taxes in your Curacao? If so, what are the rates for employers and employees?

The social security contribution rates for full-time employees who are (deemed to be) employed by a Curaçaoan enterprise are as follows:

  Contribution (%)
  Employee Employer Self-employed
Old age and widows’ and orphans’ insurance (AOV/AWW)
General sickness costs insurance (AVBZ) 
Family Welfare ProgramsSickness compensation insurance (ZV) 0.0
Accident insurance (OV)


Gift, wealth, estate, and/or inheritance tax

Are there any gift, wealth, estate, and/or inheritance taxes in your Curacao?

Inheritance tax is imposed on the value of all property including cash acquired by inheritance from a person who was a resident of Curaçao at the time of his death. The residence of the deceased is decisive for this tax and it is of no importance whether or not the heir is a resident of Curaçao. The residence of the deceased is decided on the basis of actual circumstances.

A special property transfer tax (overgangsbelasting) for inheritance or gift is levied on the value of real estate situated within Curaçao which is received by a beneficiary from a testator or donor who is not resident in Curaçao.

The gift tax is a tax on the value of property including cash acquired by donation from someone who is a resident of Curaçao at the time of donation. The tax rates for the inheritance and gift tax are the same and depend on the degree of relationship. For a spouse or child of the testator, it will vary between 2% and 6%. For parents the rates range from 3% to 9% and for brothers and sisters from 4% to 12%. Where there are no family ties the rates range from 8% to 24%.

The acquisition of assets by a private foundation (particulier fonds), or by a qualifying trust from a resident of Curaçao by way of inheritance, specific legacy or gift, is subject to inheritance or gift tax at a rate of 25%.

Acquisitions from a foreigner, from a particulier fonds or from a qualifying trust are exempt from tax in Curaçao.

The special property transfer tax is levied at a flat rate of 8%.

In the case of gifts the tax is calculated on a yearly basis.

There is no net wealth tax.

Real estate tax

Are there real estate taxes in your Curacao?

This is more accurately called the “immovable property tax”. It is an annual tax levied on real, immovable property situated in Curaçao.

The taxable amount is the value that would be granted if the full and unencumbered ownership of the immovable property is transferred to the transferee, when the property could be taken into full use immediately without its state being altered.

The tax is levied at rates varying between 0.4% and 0.6% depending on the value of the immovable property. This will generally be determined once per 5-year period as of 2014.

Value immovable property
Tax base (%)
Up to 350,000 0.4
350,000 750,000 0.5
Over 750,000 0.6

Sales/VAT tax

Are there sales and/or value-added taxes in your Curacao?

The turnover tax is a cumulative tax. There is in general no credit for input turnover tax when goods or services are delivered at a subsequent level of the transactional chain. The turnover tax, however, is deductible for the calculation of the taxable profit for profit tax purposes.

Turnover tax is levied at the rate of 6% (or 9% for certain luxury goods and/or services).

In respect of services by a foreign supplier and services related to real estate, the entrepreneur established in Curaçao (the customer) is obliged to pay the tax instead of the supplier.

Supplies of goods and services that are exempt in Curaçao include:

  • delivery of real property, if the transfer of the property is taxable for purposes of the property transfer tax;
  • rental of houses used for permanent residence;
  • supply of medical services if certain conditions are met;
  • supply of fuel for ships and aircraft used for public transport;
  • supply of fuel to gas, electricity and waterworks companies used for generating energy; 
  • supply of goods and services to oil refineries, used for refinery activities; 
  • services rendered to and by companies established in the E-zone; and
  • services rendered to and by qualifying offshore companies.

Upon request, individual entrepreneurs may be exempt from paying turnover tax, if the turnover from the preceding year is less than ANG 30,000.

Unemployment tax

Are there unemployment taxes in your Curacao?


Other taxes

Are there additional taxes in your Curacao that may be relevant to the general assignee? For example, customs tax, excise tax, stamp tax, and so on.

Wage tax

Income derived by individuals from employment under a contract of service, i.e. dependent personal services, is subject to the wage tax, which is levied at the same rates as those of the income tax. 

Custom tax

Food and beverage products imported into Curaçao are subject to four types of tariff: import duties (calculated over c.i.f. value), excise duties (on beer and spirits), economic levy (on products that are already locally manufactured), and expenditure tax (also called "sales tax").

Employer Health Tax

No. Just the explained contributions to the social security system.

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