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Article 50: “Now what?” FAQ guide

Article 50: “Now what?” FAQ guide

A short guide for businesses on the key impacts of Article 50.

Sophie Heading

Global Geopolitics Lead, Global Clients and Markets

KPMG International


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The trigger of Article 50 has set in motion the two-year process to negotiate the terms of its exit from the EU, as well as the framework for its future relationship. 

The clock is now ticking, and this raises questions for both UK and Global businesses around the impact of Brexit and what next steps to take. The world outside the negotiating rooms in Westminster and Brussels is not substantively different than it was before Article 50 was triggered, but things will change in subtle but important ways for businesses.

UK Head of Brexit Karen Briggs and Rohitesh Dhawan, Lead of the KPMG Global Brexit Centre of Excellence, are sharing their thoughts on the ‘Now what’ of the trigger of Article 50 in a series of Q&A videos. Also, download the associated Article 50 ‘Now what’ FAQ guide to get the latest business perspectives on what companies should consider doing in the coming weeks and months, to navigate the challenges and opportunities and take advantage of a new operating reality in a post-Brexit world.

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