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Article 50 – Q&A video by KPMG’s Brexit experts

Article 50 – Q&A video by KPMG’s Brexit experts

Article 50 has been triggered, the countdown of Britain’s exit from EU has officially started. So what actually changes for business? Key questions on the core business implications of Brexit are addressed by KPMG’s UK and Global experts.



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KPMG’s experts are providing their perspective to the UK Prime Minister’s triggering of Article 50 to try to provide some insights on what this means for businesses. We know it will be a two year process to negotiate the terms of its ‘divorce’ from the EU. But when can business leaders expect some clarity and how will this impact not just UK based companies but global businesses, and what steps should they take? These and many other interesting topics were on the table as UK Head of Brexit Karen Briggs and Rohitesh Dhawan – Director in KPMG’s Global Brexit centre of Excellence debates ‘Now what’ of the Article 50.

Watch the individual video sequences focusing on these key questions:

  • Article 50 has been activated – what changes now?
  • What do businesses need to do?
  • How can business have its voice heard?
  • When can businesses expect clarity?
  • Will the UK remain an attractive market?
  • When the UK leaves the EU, what will be the characteristics of a thriving business?
  • How does Brexit impact global organizations?
  • How has KPMG formed its own Brexit plans?

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