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Reimagine Challenge 2016

Reimagine Challenge 2016

Addressing some of the biggest public policy challenges facing the UK Civil Service.


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Five teams – bringing together KPMG staff and civil servants from across government – were each tasked with developing an innovative solution to one of the following public policy challenges:

  1. How could the UK Government use digital to increase the help provided to SMEs?
  2. What policy measures could make a difference to the employment rate of young people with learning difficulties and disabilities?
  3. How can you reimagine models of care for older people to make them fit for the current century?
  4. How would you increase the proportion of new civil servants from lower socio-economic backgrounds and improve progression for existing staff to be more reflective of the UK population?
  5. How could government use data & analytics techniques to reduce crime and anti-social behavior, and improve value for money?

Over 6 months, 8 full-day working sessions and an intensive three-part judging process, each team was able to transform a radical idea into a practical, realistic solution that could save taxpayers’ money, strengthen public services and improve citizens’ lives. With access to public and private sector expertise, they were able to conduct detailed consultations as part of an accelerated, collaborative process built around the constraints and requirements of real-world delivery.

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