Family offices brochure

Family offices brochure

Because we know every family is different, we tailor advice to help establish your family office to grow and preserve your legacy.

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You and your family have worked hard to build your business and your wealth – they are your legacy. But how do you shape your future aspirations and mitigate the risks and complexities of tomorrow? For some the solution may involve a family office. 

No two families are identical and the same goes for family offices. Some are entirely family run, some are staffed almost exclusively by investment managers and financial traders, while others employ experts in yachts or bloodstock. Some invest a pot of liquid money, others look for direct investments to complement the family’s existing operating businesses. Some have formalised structures whereas others may be more ad-hoc. But whatever your family office does, there can come a time when it needs some external support. 

The way KPMG Private Enterprise approaches family offices and offers that support stems from one key insight: that the term “family office” is just a flexible concept. There is no single definition, no standard form.

Read more about our Family Office Services (PDF 2.7 MB) to understand what you need to consider in order to make sure your family office serves your family’s needs in the best way possible.

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