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The disruptive technology value map: The intersection of investment and impact

The disruptive technology value map

Telecom companies are making sizeable investments across many different disruptive technologies – but are they seeing value from their outlay and are they choosing the right technologies at the right time to optimize a competitive advantage?


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Building on data and insights from our research, we evaluated the 12 measured disruptive technologies using the following metrics: impact on operations, impact on business models and level of investment.

Combining these three metrics into a framework – which we call the Disruptive Technology Value Map – helps telecom leaders guide investment decisions on disruptive technologies.

Companies can benchmark themselves against their peers to prioritize different disruptive technologies. Disruptive technologies fall into five key categories, based upon the investment-versus-impact model:

Fog computing: rising potential

As demand for bandwidth and data volume – particularly from smart devices – strains telecom networks’ capacity to the limits, other new solutions are emerging. Fog computing has the potential to extend cloud computing through virtualized resources on “the edge” of mobile networks to power both cloud and mobile applications.

Reimagining the telecom business model

Reimagining the telecom business modelNetwork Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) are the new differentiators that enable a software-based approachto networking. This creates more scalable, agile, and innovative networks thatcan better support clients’ data-driven businesses. 

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