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The cognitive revolution: are you winning or losing?

The cognitive revolution: are you winning or losing?

Whether you’re ready for a revolution or not, you’re going to get one.

Robert Bolton

Head of Global People & Change Center of Excellence, KPMG International; Partner

KPMG in the UK


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Welcome to this inaugural edition of KPMG’s Anticipate podcast series that presents cutting-edge thinking from KPMG consultants.

In this edition we’re exploring cognitive automation and what this revolution is poised to do in the workplace of the future. What do the assembly line and IBM’s Watson have in common? Will automated workers eventually replace us all? What should businesses do to prepare? Organizations must now take charge and understand what they need to do to stay on the winning side of the fourth industrial revolution - an upcoming step-change in the way they work alongside computers. Robert Bolton, a UK member firm partner with KPMG who leads KPMG’s Global Human Resources Transformation Center of Excellence in London, explains the immense implications of this revolution.

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