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Make better business decisions by trusting your D&A: Short film competition

Make better business decisions by trusting your D&A

KPMG International teamed up with MOFILM’s global community of filmmakers to create films that show the confidence people will have in their decisions once they trust the insights from their data & analytics.


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KPMG International entered into its second short film competition with MOFILM, a video and photographic content sourcing company, to challenge a crop of talented filmmakers around the world to create imaginative scenarios in video that depict how and why we should trust the analytics that drive decision making. After receiving nearly 15 entries, we shortlisted three films that offered the most original and striking depictions of how trust in data and analytics has the power to create and destroy value – and  tell the story of trusted analytics through thought provoking narrative that explains why trust is so important in the world of Data & Analytics (D&A).

The year is 1928. Joe’s bakery is struggling, and he needs to think outside the box. Luckily, he’s come up with the revolutionary idea of SLICING the bread before selling it to customers. His fellow bakers are shocked and uneasy, but our hero has done his research and gathered strong data to give him confidence in his decision. As it turns out, sliced bread is the best idea, since, well, anything! Film directed by Nicholas Wenger. To watch the video click here.

There are times in everyday life when having a little more information could help you make that all-important decision. This film, directed by Simon Cross, presents the challenges of looking for a flatmate and how much easier it could be if you had sound data & analytics at your fingertips.

In the boardroom it’s handy to have insights you can trust in your
corner. In this film, directed by Hilarion Banks, a big decision looms for a
company CEO. Fortunately, he has analytics he trusts to help him to make the
right choice with confidence.

MOFILM is a company dedicated to inspiring film-makers to create videos for big brands and social causes. They are transforming the video creation industry by connecting brands more directly with film-makers, running multiple major video competitions every year. Their events are well known among the film-making community as the place to meet brands, and fellow film-makers and film's most important visionaries.

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