What Works: The trillion dollar quest

The trillion dollar quest

Healthcare is one of the largest sectors in the world, with an estimated value of US$9 trillion (and climbing). A recent KPMG report (Value Walks) found that healthcare organizations with the best leadership and management are able to unlock up to 15 percent in productivity gains. But how can others replicate this success and what role do management and leadership development programs play?

Mark Britnell

Global Healthcare Expert, KPMG International; Senior Partner, KPMG in the UK

KPMG in the UK

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With so little evidence-based research to say what works, we
spoke to organizations and management development professionals with best in class programs to identify six essential rules that differentiate successful approaches to leadership development. Through a series of case studies from organizations around the world, the report highlights these best practice principles in action – including Kaiser Permanente’s ‘rebranding’ of the management role, Discovery’s ongoing floor-to-board ecosystem, and the UK’s NHS Leadership Academy.

While some of the rules are intuitive, few organizations around the world have adopted them systematically and sustainably. We believe that by carefully considering the lessons and case studies from this report, you will be able to take your organization’s management and leadership development approach to the next level.


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