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Cloud-enabled business transformation

KPMG’s D&A platform leverages Microsoft’s hyper-scale, enterprise-grade, and cloud technology to create a foundation for secure, integrated, and high-performance solutions that help solve challenging D&A questions.

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As a business leader, you want reliable data and analytics (D&A) to inform your important decisions. You also likely want to discover new business opportunities based on access to real-time data enabled by the cloud. Through unlocking the value of data and the cloud, you can create sustainable competitive advantage by increasing revenue, lowering costs, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing risk.

You can trust KPMG member firms’ and Microsoft’s strong team of business and technology professionals to provide leading practice advice and guidance and to deliver a cloud-based technology platform relevant to your company. KPMG and Microsoft professionals can help you successfully introduce a value-added D&A platform that can enable you to reach your business objectives. In addition to advice to help enable business transformation and sustain competitive advantage, this D&A platform offering includes a broad portfolio of services, ready-to-use architectural patterns, and leading practices that can help overcome the obstacles—both technology and skills-related—that prevent companies from extracting insight from their data. Expert hubs—groups of experienced professionals including data scientists, big data software engineers, visualization specialists, and analytics consultants—help you develop tailored D&A solutions using leading business and technology resources.

Why KPMG and Microsoft

To help your business transformation be successful, you need the capabilities and skills of your company, KPMG member firms, and Microsoft—all working together. KPMG specialists with broad business, industry, and process knowledge help you discover growth opportunities that take advantage of rich data sources and the power of cloud computing. These specialists define how this D&A platform can support integration of new business models; they then map the integrations to Microsoft’s powerful, agile technology.

KPMG’s D&A platform leverages Microsoft’s hyper-scale, enterprise-grade, and cloud technology. Microsoft’s platforms span storage and processing solutions, such as SQL Data Warehouse, advanced analytics enabled by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, self-service business intelligence (BI) and collaboration capabilities provided by Microsoft Power BI or Office 365, and tools for building intelligent D&A applications in Cortana Intelligence Suite.

D&A professionals in KPMG member firms provide business integration services complemented by Microsoft’s technology to create a foundation for secure, integrated, and high-performance solutions that help solve D&A challenges. Platform services include:

  • Ideation to prototype
  • Platform migration
  • Data science and visualization
  • Solution acceleration, benchmarking, and process optimization
  • Security and compliance for all operational models

Combining KPMG professionals and leading practices with Microsoft’s advanced technologies can help you gain valuable insights, make smarter decisions faster, and quickly adapt to change while managing risk, compliance, and security.

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