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Creating growth platforms: working to deliver long-term, sustainable revenue growth

Creating growth platforms

Identifying, prioritizing and taking advantage of organic growth opportunities.


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Organic growth is challenging but well-rewarded. It’s the best indicator of whether management has the necessary insight and judgment to make the most of company resources.

But many companies simply don’t have a framework or a process for growth. Indeed, many growth plans are based on limited data and insight, especially when compared to other forms of investment.

Organizations are certainly not short of ideas for growth. Some may be large but non-core, requiring new capabilities and time to realize. Some are smaller and incremental, and can be captured quicker, but don’t necessarily move the needle. And many more lie in between.

The challenge then is not generating ideas, but making them happen. What businesses need is a way to validate and prioritize growth opportunities into a portfolio that can be managed across the organization and over time. That’s where growth platforms can help.

Read on to find out how growth platforms – clusters of ‘related’ growth opportunities – are the potential business units or divisions of the future.

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