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Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Customer-centric organizations are obsessed by customer insights, and use this understanding to drive key strategic and operational decisions.

In customer-centric organizations, key decisions are driven by customer insights.

Aligning the entire business behind customers

Many companies want to be more customer-focused, but struggle to create the culture and the supporting infrastructure to realize this ambition.

Being customer-centric is not just about market research and smart marketing. Even the most innovative products and services can fail to deliver on a promise, due to weak links in the operating model and inappropriate attitudes and behavior.

In the most successful organizations, every function is geared towards customer experience, from supply chain to operations, manufacturing to logistics, customer service to finance. And every employee is measured and rewarded for meeting critical customer metrics.

Because we adopt a hands-on role with clients, KPMG’s professionals understand what it takes to build an environment where customer-centricity is second nature. This is not an overnight transformation, but a gradual journey. We are producing a series of thought-provoking articles that discuss some practical steps towards achieving this goal: Turning customer insight into action: Revisiting the power of segmentation in business & Customer metrics: sideshow or game changer? Customer metrics as a catalyst for genuine change.

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