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The path to a successful health IT transformation: How KPMG can help?

The path to a successful health IT transformation

The journey to digital transformation in healthcare is a challenging one, with numerous moving parts.


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The journey to digital transformation in healthcare is a challenging one, with numerous moving parts. Each of these parts must transition in a purposeful, coordinated way to new clinical delivery models, all while ensuring that the services continue to function during the transition. Services we provide to clients to help with these challenges include:

Organizational alignment: This can be related to business objectives, strategy and planning, and internal education/ change management. The latter is particularly important, as getting project leaders to align on financial ROIs and clinical outcomes is critical to long-term success.

Governance and regulatory guidance: It is imperative to have strategic planning and operational support which include patient-centered governance protocols and policies in place across care settings. Virtual care projects should be coupled with an analysis of regulatory and reimbursement compliance issues, both as they stand in the present and with an eye to further developments in the near- and longer-term.

Maturity assessment and re-design: Our process comprises an organizational assessment of the current state, determination of business objectives, and establishment of a future state strategy, target operating model and transition roadmap. It is essential that the systems that are implemented with change management in mind and are standardized with scalable and aligned infrastructures, data flows and workflow.

Integrated system platform selection and configuration: Choosing and configuring health IT platforms, and ensuring network security and patient privacy/confidentiality (HIPAA) compliance, represent some of the most challenging tasks reported by clients. These are critical decisions as they impact the success and efficiency of clinical documentation and administration, eVisit video collaboration, patient engagement, and performance management reporting functions.

Performance management and reporting: Measurement, tracking, analysis and reporting on quality, productivity and efficiency are indispensable when sustaining and growing a modern health system. Financial, clinical and operational key performance indicators must be validated, maintained and integrated into an ongoing enterprise continuous improvement program.

Data and analytics: KPMG’s data and analytic (D&A) capability is seen as a means to enhance proficiency and quality in healthcare. Many healthcare organizations re exposed to an array of new risks pertaining to compliance regulations, fraud, inefficiency, ineffectiveness and errors resulting in financial loss and reputational damage. Our expertise in data and analytics improves client’s ability to identify essential anomalies when reviewing business processes and allows a detailed understanding of an organization’s operational and financial standing.

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