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The power of cloud

The power of cloud

Cloud ERP solutions can reduce costs and improve operations by servicing users more efficiently.


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Cloud ERP solutions can reduce costs and improve operations by servicing users more efficiently. Equally importantly, the cloud frees up key IT staff from mundane, day-to-day activities, enabling them to spend more time on improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Not surprisingly, concerns persist over information security and data/process ownership, which explains the relatively slow adoption rate.

A wide range of service providers including Oracle, Amazon and Salesforce offer cloud-related services, notably: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Some cloud vendors are manufacturers that develop the underlying technology, whilst others act as service providers and outsourcers. A number of applications vendors, such as SAP, IFS and IBM, also provide applications capable of cloud deployment within hosted environments.

Given the security concerns, those defense organizations that have deployed cloud based ERPs have opted for an on-premise, private service. The UK is addressing the issue of data sovereignty through legislation enforcing cloud data retention within country. 

The emergence of new innovations could hasten an exciting new era in defense cloud utilization. ‘Security in Silicon,’ for example, provides memory protection with permanent encryption, and memory intrusion protection within the microchip.

Key cloud-based ERP defense trends that are emerging

  • A subscription model, where defense organizations define requirements and service levels and the supplier builds, owns and manages the implementation; this can reduce infrastructure costs and simplify the upgrade process
  • Outsourcing cloud services to third party providers, with a mixture of private or public offerings
  • Fusion Technology across the entire IT environment, to remove database, hardware and middleware compatibility barriers within traditional technology, design and architecture.

Key questions

  • How is your organization utilizing cloud services?
  • Are you seeing greater efficiency as a result of adopting cloud?

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