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GVI Grant Program

GVI Grant Program

Submitting a research proposal to the Global Valuations Institute.


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There is no restriction on who is eligible to submit a research proposal.

  • Funding of US$2,500 per project is available for any person, group of individuals, or organization that is able to meet the research criteria regardless of the country in which they reside or work.
  • There is no requirement that the proposal be submitted by an academic; however, it is preferable for a professional to team with an academic for submitted proposals.
  • Research that has been published in an academic journal may be eligible if the author(s) are interested in producing a managerial version tailored to practitioners.

Research selection and oversight

Sponsored research needs to meet high-quality academic criteria while focusing on practical applications. Selection criteria include relevance, expected benefit to companies and investors, possible research findings, and research strategies to be employed. The GVI Board also will be responsible for progress oversight of accepted proposals.

Deadlines and submission criteria

Applications for funding must consider the following as minimum submission criteria:

  • Meets the GVI's research topics of interest.
  • A concise executive summary that clearly articulates the research. objectives and expected benefit to companies/investors.
  • A project timeline with project start date, phases, and target completion.
  • An outline of the proposed research methodology and anticipated results.
  • A brief description of its application.
  • CVs of all researchers/authors.
  • Include the name and contact information of the Contract Signing Officer.

Note: Items should not exceed five pages in length. The entire packet should be submitted in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format to

Applications are reviewed on a bi-annual basis.

Deadline for submissions: February 12, 2016

Terms and conditions

The decisions of the Board are final. The GVI reserves the right to decline proposals with or without reason. It also reserves the right to modify a project as is deemed advisable, before funding is awarded. One-third of the total grant awarded will be issued upon completion of a review of the first draft followed by final payment within 30 days of receipt of the final report. The final working paper must be submitted in Microsoft® Word format. KPMG will not prohibit individuals from submitting their articles for publication in an academic journal. However, KPMG has the right to disseminate the research, refer to it, and use it. Additionally, the final, published paper must include a credit reference as follows: Whole or partial funding for this paper has been generously provided by KPMG's Global Valuation Institute.

The grant recipient undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless KPMG for infringement of any third party copyright or other intellectual property rights arising out of the work submitted by the Grant Recipient. Individuals/groups awarded funding are not eligible to apply for additional Grants within the same year. Submission of a proposal shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions, the interpretation of which shall be determined by the Global Valuation Institute in its absolute discretion. No correspondence will be entered into.

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