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Unlocking the Power of Partnership

Unlocking the Power of Partnership

This report provides a framework for organizations seeking to build effective and sustainable cross-sector partnerships.


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A new framework for collaboration

The adoption of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (Global Goals) sets an ambitious framework for global development to the year 2030. The Global Goals build on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), recognize the important role of the private sector in development, and represent growing international recognition that inclusive and sustainable development are critical to long-term global prosperity.

Achieving these targets by 2030 requires new approaches to problem solving, development of innovative financing mechanisms, and cooperation that will redefine the relationship between public, private and NGO/civil society stakeholders. Partnerships will play an important role in realizing development impact while at the same time meeting the business needs of a rapidly changing world.

In this report, we seek to catalyze greater understanding around this process by providing a framework for organizations that may have never engaged in a partnership or are seeking to improve their current approach. We have drawn on research, one-on-one interviews with organizations actively engaged in partnerships, and KPMG’s own insights to identify what we believe are the underlying values and key factors that must be considered to create, operate, and sustain an effective partnership.

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