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Understand total cost of ownership

Understand total cost of ownership

The challenge of doing more with less.


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The world is changing rapidly and no one understands this better than defense organizations who are often at the forefront of emerging technologies. They are often the first to recognize new security issues and look for ways to protect national or international interests accordingly. But for defense organizations to work effectively, they themselves need to employ the right technologies and tools to help support and drive their missions.

The challenge is that many defense organizations are being asked to do more with less. As a result, some have a large backlog of technology upgrades and changes that need to be undertaken – but no budget to do so. This can pose a significant risk as organizations recognize they aren’t as prepared as they should be to identify and respond to cyber threats and other new modes of attack. 

Understanding and Managing Costs

ERP solutions, whether cloud-based or hybrid can provide defense organizations with the peace of mind they need to know they will always be up to date on the technologies they require to operate effectively. Rather than request significant funds for a one-time system implementation, a subscription model can make the budget process for defense organizations less challenging by spreading costs over a period of time. 

A number of factors can be used to compare and contrast different ERP solutions, including: security, customization, hosting model, functionality, and maintenance and upgrade policies. In addition to these, defense organizations should also understand the total cost of ownership related to each ERP option so that they can choose the solution that best fits their needs and their approach to budgeting.

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