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Technology risks and opportunities

Technology risks and opportunities

Defense organizations need to fully understand the solutions available and the opportunities and risks associated with them.


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Sticking to the status quo may well pose a future risk to defense organizations. As technologies and threats evolve, organizations that do not keep pace may be less able to respond to data security issues or to quickly access the information they need to make decisions effectively. That’s why defense organizations should evolve just as the technologies available to them evolve. In an environment of increasing government and public scrutiny, it can be difficult for defense organizations to enact the changes needed to ensure they can fulfil their role effectively in a timeframe that doesn’t render their technology choices obsolete.

Need for change

Siloed and less flexible legacy systems mean organizations might not have access to the information they need to readily make decisions, and furthermore, the right information may not be available in the right form or at the right time.  Faulty information or the wrong information can lead to ineffective decision-making. 

Benefits of ERP

ERP systems can provide defense organizations with access to just-in-time information that can help them better identify and respond to issues. Information on people, resources and capabilities can be instrumental in ensuring responses are timely, appropriate and well-supported. 

“Enabling technologies are moving fast. It’s a question of how do we keep up?” says Victor Vae’au, CIO of the New Zealand Defense Force. It’s a question many defense organizations struggle with.

Before investing in new ERP tools and technologies, defense organizations need to fully understand the information they need to make sound decisions, in addition to the opportunities and risks associated with different solutions.


Key issues facing defense organizations associated with technology risks and opportunities, including:

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