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KPMG LINK Work Force

KPMG LINK Work Force

KPMG LINK Work Force is KPMG's new enabling technology platform, designed to power your Global Mobility programs and processes.


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Managing global tax compliance presents challenges for both program managers and employees, from regulatory considerations to the filing of tax returns.

KPMG LINK Work Force’s primary goal is to streamline compliance processes ensuring that each user accomplishes needed activities in asingle, dedicated portal.

Tool Benefits

Transparency: Efficiently track tasks from various stakeholders in the mobility process. Stay on top of multiple work streams and action items in real time, in one place.

Data and Analytics: Create new, value-add reports with information related to both tax compliance and assignment management. Advanced reporting engine provides high-level, graphic reporting on each users dashboard with additional drill-down reporting options. 

Workflow: Management of items has never been easier with integrated workflow. Workflow drives you through needed actions step-by-step helping ensure that your tasks are accomplished at the right time and in the most streamlined way possible.

Did you know?

KPMG LINK Work Force is designed to meet the needs of multiple stakeholder groups with one system. Whether you are a program manager, employee, or service provider, it is designed to help ensure data integrity, enhance the sharing of information, and drive efficiencies with optional workflow integration. 

For more information on this technology or to receive a live demonstration, please email us-taxgmstechsupport.

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