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Global CEO Outlook

Global CEO Outlook

In cooperation with KPMG Global Energy Institute (GEI)

In cooperation with KPMG Global Energy Institute (GEI)

It has been a year of change in the Energy sector, but CEOs globally appear cautiously optimistic about what’s coming down the pipe for their companies in the years ahead.


Despite significant challenges ranging from new market entrants to environmental regulations, CEOs remain focused on growth. Forty-two percent of Energy CEOs are more confident about their prospects for growth over the next 3 years than they were last year, while 76 percent expect their headcount to rise over the next 3 years. Global expansion is also high on the agenda – with 52 percent of CEOs planning to dedicate significant financial resources to their expansion efforts.


These and other findings outlined in this report show that while it’s a turbulent time for Energy companies – it’s also a time of opportunity, where companies recognize the need to take more risks if they are to achieve their long-term objectives.


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Strategic priorities

Energy prices at 62 percent and global economic growth at 55 percent is the biggest issues impacting energy companies.

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Growth and innovation

54 percent of energy CEOs consider acquisition to be key for their company growth strategy over the next 3 years.

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Risk and regulation

Environmental regulations at 51 percent is the greatest concern for energy CEOs.

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Cyber security

37 percent of energy CEOs have taken steps to preempt a cyber security breach, 30 percent have planned no action at all.

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Talent management

58 percent of energy CEOs are very confident they have the right talent in place to drive success in the next 3 years.

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Data and analytics

93 percent of energy CEOs either considered their organizations as a leader of D&A usage or use D&A fairly effectively.

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KPMG Global CEO Outlook

In today’s world, success is not a given. Companies that have been profitable for decades are fighting to remain relevant as the business.

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