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Flash Alert - Labor

Flash Alert - Labor

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Flash Alert - Labor



06/13/2019: United States – New Process Using FLAG System for Filing Form ETA-9141


05/29/2019: United States – Immigration Plans on Agencies’ Spring 2019 Agendas

05/17/2019: European Union – Cross-Border Purposes of New European Labour Authority


04/10/2019: Italy – More Immigration Measures for U.K. Nationals and Non-EU Family Members

04/09/2019: Germany – Updates on Rules for a No-Deal Brexit  

04/09/2019: United Kingdom – Update on Post-Brexit “Right to Work” Checks

04/05/2019: Switzerland – Update on Brexit Withdrawal Policy for U.K. Citizens 

04/05/2019: United States – Hurdles for Canadians Filing L-1 Petitions at U.S. Ports of Entry

04/03/2019: Belgium – New Minimum Salary Criteria for 2019 

04/01/2019: Ireland – Impact of Brexit on “The Common Travel Area”  


03/29/2019: Czech Republic – Plans to “Regularize” U.K., Czech Nationals if “No-Deal” Brexit

03/28/2019: Denmark – Law Passes on Status and Rights of U.K. Nationals if “No-Deal” Brexit 

03/28/2019: Netherlands – Update on Brexit Withdrawal Rules for U.K. Citizens’ and Family Members

03/26/2019: Italy – Government Takes Steps to Deal with Post-Brexit Status of U.K. Nationals

03/21/2019: Finland – Changes in Social Security Coverage for Cross-border Employees

03/20/2019: United States – Notice Obligations for H-1B Employers Regarding Labor Condition Applications

03/14/2019: Spain – Measures Enacted Assuring Rights, Status in Case of No-Deal Brexit  

03/13/2019: United States – Proposed Rule Ending Work Authorization for H-4 Visa Holders


02/15/2019: Singapore - Revised Basis for Computing Taxable Car Benefits, Effective from 2020


01/07/2019: Netherlands – Changes to Income Requirement for Foreign Workers, Lower Legal Fees



12/20/2018: United Kingdom – Government Releases White Paper on Post-Brexit Immigration

12/14/2018: India – Immigration Changes in 2018: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

12/14/2018: United Kingdom – Statement of Changes for Tiers, 2, 4, and 5, and Seasonal Workers 

12/11/2018: United States – New Form ETA-9035, Labor Condition Application, in Effect 

12/11/2018: United States – Administration Proposes Changes to Selection System for H-1B Visas

12/07/2018: United Kingdom – Reduced Rights for EU Citizens if ‘No Deal’ Brexit

12/05/2018: Romania – Easier Requirements for Third-Country Nationals When Locally Employed in Romania


09/27/2018: Thailand – Revisions to Decree “Managing the Work of Aliens”

09/18/2018: United Kingdom – Migration Advisory Committee Releases Final Report on Immigration

09/11/2018: Finland – New Residence Permit Categories Introduced; Changes in Current Permit Processes

09/11/2018: People’s Republic of China – Changes for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau Residents 


08/24/2018: Romania – Revised Legislation to Reinforce Rights of Posted Workers


06/26/2018: European Union – Steps Closer to Making Paid Paternity Leave Legal 

06/15/2018: United Kingdom – Changes to Immigration Rules in Multiple Areas 

06/12/2018: Germany – Increased Scrutiny from Authorities for Granting of Labor Market Access

06/06/2018: Kenya – New Procedures for Verification and Registration of Foreign Nationals

06/01/2018: Canada – Measures for Cross-Border Travelers in Bill C-21


05/30/2018: Italy – New Policy on 2018 Permit to Stay for Family Reasons


04/17/2018: United States – USCIS Completes H-1B Cap Lottery Processing

04/16/2018: Belgium – New Position on the Applicable Social Security Regime

04/06/2018: United Kingdom – Work Restrictions for Croatian Nationals to Expire in June

04/05/2018: Singapore – More Employers Must Advertise on Jobs Bank, Higher S Pass Qualifying Salary

04/05/2018: United States – USCIS Suspends Premium Processing for H-1B Cap-Subject Filings

04/04/2018: Australia – New Global Talent Scheme Pilot Announced    


03/23/2018: Australia – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Program in Effect

03/13/2018: United Kingdom – New Applications Forms for Applicants from Outside U.K.

03/06/2018: United States – Policy Change for H1-B Petitions Involving Third-Party Placement 


02/28/2018: France – Stricter Provisions to Combat Fraud Tied to Foreign Workers in France

02/27/2018: Canada – Update on U.S. and Canadian Immigration, Invitation to Seminar/Webinar

02/22/2018: United Kingdom – Immigration Health Surcharge to Double

02/16/2018: Thailand – “Smart Visa” Debuts, Opportunities for Executives, Investors, Entrepreneurs


01/23/2018: United States – Government Shuts Down, Then Reopens: Impact on Immigration

01/19/2018: Italy - Aims to Attract Investors with New Permit Process

01/18/2018: United States – Update on Extensions for  H-1B Holders, Working Spouses

01/11/2018: Thailand – “Smart Visa” Designed to Attract Highly-Skilled Professionals



12/22/2017: Norway – Fate of Foreign Employee/Contractor Reporting to Be Determined

12/13/2017: United Kingdom – Update on Agreement between U.K. and EU in Brexit Deal

12/12/2017: Belgium – New Requirements Regarding Postings to Belgium and Notifications in LIMOSA  


11/21/2017: Singapore - Qualifying Salary Criteria for Dependant Privileges Raised from 1 January 2018

11/06/2017: European Union – EU Council Proposes Changes to Posting of Workers Directive 

11/03/2017: France – New Obligations for Employers Sending Employees on Temporary Assignments 


10/06/2017: Canada – New Obligations, Processes with Labour Market Impact Assessment


09/28/2017: United States – New Implementation Guidance from SEC on CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure

09/25/2017: Finland – When Posting Workers, Notify Occupational Safety and Health Authority

09/22/2017: United States – New Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form Now Effective

09/19/2017: United States – “In Person” Interviews Expanded for Employment-Based AOS Applicants

09/13/2017: United States – Impact on Employers of Government’s Ending of DACA

09/12/2017: Sweden – Proposal Foresees “Economic Employer” Redefined, Other Changes


08/24/2017: Australia – Immigration Policy Updates on Employer-Sponsored Visa Reforms

08/22/2017: Brazil – New Labor Reform Law Published, Soon in Effect


07/24/2017: Thailand – New Decree Tightens Rules on Hiring, Employing Foreign Nationals


06/28/2017: United Kingdom – Government Publishes Opening Position on Future Status of EU Migrants


04/05/2017: Italy – 2017 Quota in Force for Issuance of Work and Residence Permits


03/07/2017: Brazil – “Early Withdrawal” Possibilities for Inactive FGTS Accounts


02/22/2017: Austria – New Rules on Minimum Wage, Work-Time, Record-Keeping for Assignments

02/15/2017: Italy – New Statute Governing Intra-Company Transfers

02/10/2017: Hungary – EU Posting Worker Rules Bring Employer Obligations under Hungarian Law


01/31/2017: United States – Travel Ban and Suspension of Visa Issuance for Seven Countries

01/24/2017: United States – Changes Introduced for Employment Authorization Documents

01/24/2017: United States – Details on Rules for Employment Authorizations in Compelling Circumstances

01/12/2017: Germany – New Salary Criteria in Effect from 1 January 2017

01/10/2017: United Kingdom – Government Says Criminal Record Certificates Needed for Select Jobs

01/10/2017: Denmark – EU Rules on Posting of Workers Implemented

01/03/2017: Italy – Update on New EU Rules Regarding Posting of Workers



12/22/2015: Russia – Government Acts to Curtail Turkish Nationals Working in Russia

12/15/2015: The Netherlands – New Salary Criterion for Highly-Skilled Migrants


11/20/2015: United Kingdom – Amended Sponsor Guidance Tightens Compliance, Record-Keeping

11/12/2015: Canada – Regs Aim to Foster Employer Compliance with Foreign Worker Programs


09/30/2015: Indonesia – New Regulations Create Challenges for Foreign Workers, Directors

09/29/2015: New Zealand – New Tax Bill, Immigration Proposals

09/29/2015: Belgium – New Restrictions on Certain Labor Access to Brussels-Capital Region

09/22/2015: Australia – Work and Holiday Visa Extended to China

09/18/2015: Nigeria – New Rules on Extension of Stay and Visa Extension Fees

09/17/2015: United Kingdom – Proposed Changes to Function of Tier 2 Limit

09/16/2015: Ireland – Changes under Employment Permits (Amendment) Regulations 2015

09/14/2015: Belgium – New Exemption for Additional Contribution, Plans for Single Permit

09/10/2015: Canada – September 16 Webinar on Fines, Penalties in New Immigration Regs

09/09/2015: Canada – Two Provincial Nominee Programs on Pause for Rest of 2015

09/09/2015: Malta – Changes to Remittance Basis, Highly Qualified Persons Rules


08/24/2015: Germany – Global Labor Law Benchmarking Survey: Last Chance to Participate

08/17/2015: People’s Republic of China – Liberalizing Immigration Requirements to Attract Highly-Skilled Talent

08/07/2015: Singapore – Hiring of Foreigners Gets Scrutiny, Better Opportunities for Singaporeans

08/05/2015: Germany – Immediate Effect for Important Amendments to Immigration Law


07/29/2015: Norway – New Salary Criteria Defined for Residence (Work) Permit

07/29/2015: Norway – Fourth Service Centre for Foreign Workers Opens

07/16/2015: Germany – Global Labor Law Benchmarking Survey Now Ready


06/16/2015: United Kingdom – Sponsorship Certificates Run Out; 1st Time Since 2011

06/12/2015: Belgium – End of Transitional Measures for Croatian Workers

06/11/2015: The Netherlands – Minor Revision of the Highly Skilled Salary Criterion


05/29/2015: Nigeria – President Signs 2015 Immigration Bill

05/27/2015: Italy – New Decree Sets Quota and Permit Rules for Seasonal Workers

05/15/2015: Hong Kong – Enhancements to Immigration Policy


04/24/2015: Australia – 457 Visa Rules Altered Based on 457 Integrity Review Recommendations

04/24/2015: France – New Decree to Foster Proper Compliance for Cross-Border Work

04/09/2015: United Kingdom – Updates on 6 April Changes to Immigration Rules

04/08/2015: Thailand – Revision to Permissible Activities Not Classified As “Work”


03/27/2015: Belgium – Cross-Border Workers and the 24 Days Condition

03/10/2015: Belgium – New Online Procedure for Filing of Certain A1 Applications

03/06/2015: The Netherlands – Work Permits No Longer Required for Japanese Nationals

03/05/2015: United States – Certain H-4 Spouses of H-1B Holders May Seek Employment


02/26/2015: Germany – Federal Employment Agency Clarifies Payments to Meet Minimum Wage Rules

02/25/2015: United Kingdom – Immigration Developments Bring Efficiencies, Tighter Rules, Higher Fees

02/23/2015: Germany – On Track to New ‘Fast Track’ Visa Applications?

02/13/2015: Germany – Proposed Amending Law Contains Changes for Immigration, Business Travelers

02/13/2015: Germany – Risk of Inspections Related to Foreign Employees at Client Sites

02/05/2015: Belgium – Salary Thresholds Raised for Work Permit, EU Blue Card


01/30/2015: Italy – Starting January 1 New Quota Rules for Issuance of Work Permits

01/23/2015: Switzerland – Falling Euro Against Franc Has Assignment and Immigration Repercussions

01/21/2015: Germany – New Statutory Minimum Wage Will Impact Employment of Foreign Individuals

01/19/2015: Germany – New Salary Criteria Defined for EU Blue Cards

01/07/2015: People’s Republic of China – New Rules for Bringing Short-Term Assignees into China




12/23/2014: The Netherlands – 2015 Salary Criteria for Highly-Skilled Migrants Announced

12/23/2014: Denmark – New Rules for Recruitment of Foreign Specialists

12/03/2014: Sweden – New Guidance for Employers Regarding Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals


10/23/2014: Australia – Changes to 457 Visa and Employee Share Scheme Rules Proposed

10/13/2014: Ireland – New Joint British-Irish Visa Scheme Announced


08/14/2014: Thailand – Guidelines for Employees’ Trade-and Investment-Related Activities

08/08/2014: Ireland – New Law Aims to Attract Workers with Technology Skills


07/31/2014: Russia – Representative Offices Can Hire Highly-Qualified Specialists from 2015


05/06/2014: Ireland – New Employment Permits Rules Meant To Attract Technology Skills


04/30/2014: India – Data Sharing, New Certificate of Coverage Application for International Workers

04/29/2014: Australia – Immigration Developments on Credit Card Surcharge and Integrity PIC


03/27/2014: United Kingdom – Amended Legislation to Prevent Tax Avoidance Using Dual Contracts

03/18/2014: Russia – New Type of Work Permit Introduced for Individuals from WTO Countries

03/14/2014: Austria – Shift from Legal Employer to Economic Employer Approach


02/18/2014: United States – Deadline Coming Up for H-1B Visa Petitions

02/05/2014: Italy – 2014 Quota System in Force for Issuance of Work Permits


01/29/2014: Sweden – Tax Agency Challenging Foreign Companies’ Work for Possible PE

01/21/2014: United Kingdom – Details Published on Preventing Use of Dual Contract Arrangements

01/10/2014: Australia – More Details Released on Labour Market Testing for Subclass 457 Visas

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