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Redefining the possible

Redefining the possible

KPMG’s Data & Analytics (D&A) capabilities are transforming the audit today, raising the bar on audit quality and delivering more meaningful insights.

KPMG’s Data & Analytics (D&A) capabilities are transforming the audit today.

Data & Analytics is transforming the audit

D&A is transforming the audit by bringing together internal and external data and combining it with KPMG member firm’s deep industry knowledge enabling a more comprehensive assessment of the information underlying an organization’s financial statements. D&A allows KPMG auditors to analyze complete data sets to identify underlying patterns and anomalies, and gain broader visibility across complicated organizational and reporting structures.

Leveraging the investments your organization has made in technology, we can drill down and explore your data in interactive ways, enabling us to enhance the focus of our efforts and deliver richer, more meaningful insights on the areas we audit. D&A also allows us to capture information that encompasses environmental factors such as unstructured economic and benchmarking data to paint a more complete and timely picture of an organization’s financial condition. D&A provides a more detailed view of historical performance, the causality of events and supports the ability of auditors to concentrate their time and judgment in areas with the greatest audit risk and complexity.

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