KPMG Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS)

KPMG Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS)

KPMG’s Tax Intelligence Solution (KPMG TIS) is an integrated suite of tax data analytics technologies that enables organizations to find value and manage risks, facilitating extraction, processing and analysis of a range of tax data, and providing dashboard visualizations of key information.

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First built for indirect tax purposes, the capabilities of TIS have been continually enhanced and expanded—most recently, extending to cover corporate tax, and introducing predictive analytics capabilities. In each instance, the tool integrates with your ERP to provide unprecedented data and analytics insights and beautiful dashboard visualizations. These can help inform decisions and deliver quantitative insights that can be used to engage stakeholders, reduce risks, manage costs, and identify hidden tax and business opportunities. The full suite of Tax Intelligence Solution offerings includes capabilities for VAT / GST, Customs Duties, Predictive Analytics, Transfer Pricing, Corporate Tax and more, all delivered in a user-friendly interface that integrates with multiple platforms.

Read our slipsheet (PDF 337 KB) for more information.

Direct Tax Data Analytics

Direct Tax Data Analytics

Technology-driven disruption, along with ever-increasing volume of data is transforming the role on the tax function. Increasingly tax functions are expected to provide executives with holistic oversight of the group’s tax performance on a local and global level. The large volumes of data involved in such organizations are difficult to decipher, often only digestible in lengthy excel documents which are at risk of manipulation and misinterpretation.

KPMG’s TIS Direct is designed to make this reporting simple.

Imaging have visibility of this data in a clear, quick and insightful way to understand the tax position and associated risks of the group. KPMG’s TIS Direct can provide valuable insight on a local and global level, ease your tax decision making and reduce time spent untangling valuable information.

Questions to ask of your direct tax data:

  • Am I entirely aware of the MNE’s tax costs and benefits on a global scale?
  • When did I last review the total of my intra-group funding to identify any sub-optimal lending?
  • Is it possible that my MNE has an unknown taxable presence in a jurisdiction?
  • Is my organization undertaking activities that might curtail the availability and use of tax losses and tax credits?
  • When could I last review all intercompany transactions on an entity and country basis?

What insights can TIS Direct provide?

  • Identify main tax attributes and risks across the organization's global footprint: Executives can gain oversight of the entire group with the ability to drill down into entities and relationships.
  • Effective tax rate and cash tax rate: Gain a deep understanding of where tax costs and benefits differ from the statutory rates throughout the group and global presence.
  • Cash management optimization intragroup loans: Identifying mismatches between the tax rate of deductions for interest as against assessable income, to draw attention to sub-optimal intra-group funding.
  • Permanent establishment risk: Review the risk profile of locations to determine any likely unknown taxable presence.

Please click here for more information (PDF 438 KB).

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