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Decentralised energy industry: Opportunity or threat to energy companies?

Decentralised energy industry

In the future, the share of power generation from distributed energy sources is expected to experience continued growth worldwide.

Michael Salcher

National Sector Leader of Energy and Natural Resources

KPMG in Germany


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Major reasons for this are the deregulation and liberalisation of the energy markets, the availability of new, lower-priced and more efficient technologies for decentralised power generation as well as the efforts to protect the environment and conserve resources, which are supported by corresponding incentives and political parameters. Specifically, the EU targets an increase in the share of renewable energies from 14 to 22 percent by 2010, as compared with the year 1997, and anticipates that the share of power generation from CHP installations will double from 9 to 18 percent.

The decentralised energy sector in Germany is an integral part of energy transition, and will grow significantly in the coming years. It is developing into a separate segment with changed rules, where new actors appear as energy producers and new participants enter the market with their business models.

The study “The Decentralised Energy Industry” is a survey that examines whether the German companies who supply energy recognise the challenges of the market and to what extent they are prepared for these challenges. It investigates the social, market-related, regulatory and technical drivers of the range of services in the decentralised supply market, future business models and business segments, the actors in the market (potential competitors, possible cooperation partners and their competencies).

This study was created on behalf of The German Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). With its information on “The Decentralised Energy Industry”, it supplements the comprehensive future picture presented by the study “Energy Quo Vadis”. 

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