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KPMG LINK Country by Country Reporting

KPMG LINK Country by Country Reporting

Sourcing cash tax paid is not an easy task. Collating and reporting the data in the required format is also time consuming and a spreadsheet approach can carry risk of errors. We have configured our proprietary technology tool, KPMG LINK Country by Country Reporting, to assist with the data gathering and reporting.


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Compliance with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) country by country reporting requirements means multinational companies with group revenues of €750 million or more will need to supply annual financial data and economic substance information in a single, pre-determined format, providing greater transparency to tax authorities.

Gathering, aggregating and reporting the necessary information can be complex and time consuming. KPMG’s proprietary web-based tax technology application, KPMG LINK Country by Country Reporting, can help make meeting these new reporting requirements as straightforward as possible. With the ability to capture, format and report your data in one, easy-to-access place, you can comply with new guidelines in a faster, more efficient way.

And once those compliance obligations are met, you can leverage the data to help identify risks and make well-informed business decisions. KPMG LINK Country by Country Reporting has market-leading analytics capabilities, allowing you to gain new insights from your global tax data and begin adding genuine value back into your organization. Change is coming. Will you be ready?

The tool allows you to:

  • gather data locally and centrally – using flexible questionnaires and data import functionality.
  • report – by aggregating the data from multiple sources to produce OECD compliance ready reports.
  • analyze – the system performs key ratio analysis and country mapping to identify risks.
  • obtain control and sign off – with built-in controls, status monitoring and supporting documentation upload.

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