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Recent Articles

May 2022

April 2022

Apr 29 - U.S. final rule replacing Ukraine-related sanctions regulations

Apr 27 - USTR releases annual “special 301 report” on protecting intellectual property rights

Apr 25 - U.S. sanctions regarding Russia, FAQs and general licenses

Apr 25 - U.S. announcement: Australian freight forwarding company agrees to pay over $6 million to settle violations of sanctions regulations

Apr 21 - U.S. companies agree to settle violations of Cuban sanctions regulations

Apr 21 - Costa Rica: Alternative methods of operations for import transactions, due to affected computer systems

Apr 21 - Costa Rica: Temporary relief for imports, quantification of exchange differential, ultimate beneficial owners reporting

Apr 21 - Kenya: Customs-related measures in Finance Bill, 2022

Apr 20 - United States targeting entities and individuals evading sanctions on Russia

Apr 20 - Brazil: Monitoring and reviewing certifications to the Authorized Economic Operators program

Apr 20 - Malaysia: Updated customs duties order covering new emerging products

Apr 19 - U.S. fact sheet, general license related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Apr 18 - CBP provides trade statistics for FY 2021

Apr 12 - U.S. issuance of Russia-related general license

Apr 12 - Thailand: Additional control measures for “customs free zones”

Apr 11 - KPMG resource: Sanctions and other responses to Russia’s war on Ukraine

Apr 11 - Costa Rica: Integration of customs information; logistics of “free zone” regime

Apr 11 - Kenya: Import and export measures in budget 2022-2023

Apr 8 - Expanded U.S. sanctions against Russia and Belarus under EAR

Apr 8 - EU: Fifth package of sanctions against Russia

Apr 8 - U.S. sanctions, enforcement actions against Russian airlines and state-owned enterprises

Apr 8 - U.S. additions to list of countries excluded from certain license requirements under EAR

Apr 7 - U.S. Congress approves legislation to revoke Russia’s trade status and ban imports of Russian oil

Apr 7 - Brazil: Extension of excise tax (IPI), products imported under new Mercosur common nomenclature

Apr 6 - Further U.S. sanctions against Russia for conflict in Ukraine

Apr 6 - KPMG report: Tariffs on imports from China held valid (U.S. trade court decision)

Apr 5 - U.S. guidance on retroactive reinstatement of certain exclusions from Section 301 tariffs, imports from China

Apr 4 - Trade agreement between Australia and India

Apr 1 - U.S. additions to entity list, 120 entities in Belarus and Russia

Apr 1 - U.S. company agrees to pay $79,000 to settle transactions in 2016 and 2017 in violation of Ukraine-related sanctions

March 2022

Mar 31 - U.S. list of aircraft exported to Russia in apparent violation of U.S. export controls

Mar 31 - U.S. sanctions target Russian technology companies and aerospace, electronics, and marine sectors

Mar 24 - United States releases Russia-related general licenses, updated set of FAQs

Mar 24 - U.S. sanctions, Russia’s defense companies and Duma members

Mar 23 - USTR reinstates certain exclusions from Section 301 tariffs, imports from China

Mar 23 - United States and UK reach tariff agreement on steel products under Section 232

Mar 23 - Vietnam: Guidance on conditions for customs inspection of export processing enterprises

Mar 22 - Costa Rica: Customs inspection procedures

Mar 22 - EU: Certification system for imports of certain carbon dioxide-intensive goods

Mar 22 - U.S. interim final rule amending ITAR to organize purposes and definitions

Mar 18 - U.S. guidance related to conflict in Ukraine

Mar 18 - U.S. FAQs on imports and exports of alcohol, tobacco (Russia and Belarus)

Mar 18 - U.S. House passes bill suspending normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus

Mar 17 - U.S. proposed legislation would suspend normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus

Mar 17 - U.S. sanctions regarding illicit movement of gold from Congo

Mar 16 - Barbados: Customs and import duty measures in 2022 budget

Mar 16 - EU: Anti-subsidy duties on imports of “stainless steel cold-rolled flat products” from Indonesia and India

Mar 15 - EU: Further sanctions against Russia

Mar 15 - U.S. sanctions against Russian and Belarusian individuals, entities

Mar 15 - U.S. CBP to detain sporting goods merchandise reportedly produced with North Korean labor

Mar 14 - Malaysia: Ratification of RCEP free trade agreement

Mar 11 - United States, EU and G7 countries announce further economic sanctions against Russia

Mar 10 - Colombia: Temporary reduction of customs tariff on certain household products

Mar 9 - EU: Expanded sanctions on Russia and Belarus

Mar 8 - United States to ban imports of Russian oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal

Mar 8 - UK: Failure to apply customs control measures, imports of textiles and footwear from China (CJEU judgment)

Mar 7 - U.S. pilot program, FDA “nationalized drug entry review”

Mar 7 - United States releases new Russia-related FAQs

Mar 4 - U.S. additional sanctions against Russia, addition of entities to EAR entity list

Mar 3 - United States expands existing sanctions against Russia under the Export Administration Regulations, targets oil refinery sector

Mar 3 - United States sanctions Russian “elites” and “intelligence-directed disinformation outlets”

Mar 3 - U.S. sanctions against Belarus under the Export Administration Regulations

Mar 3 - United States issues Russia-related general licenses, FAQs reiterating that energy payments can continue

Mar 2 - KPMG report: EU sanctions and export control regulations related to Russia

Mar 1 - EU: Summary of sanctions concerning Russian persons and entities

Mar 1 - President Biden’s 2022 trade agenda presented to Congress

February 2022

Feb 28 - OFAC sanctions prohibiting U.S. persons from engaging in transactions with certain Russian financial entities

Feb 28 - U.S. regulations implementing executive order, Russia-related sanctions regulations

Feb 24 - U.S. additional sanctions against Russia under the Export Administration Regulations

Feb 24 - U.S. sanctions imposed on transactions, trade with Russia

Feb 24 - Brazil: Customs enhancements regarding physical controls and verification of goods

Feb 22 - U.S. executive order, Ukraine-related general licenses

Feb 22 - U.S. government’s comments opposing Canada’s digital services tax proposal

Feb 18 - USTR technical amendments to HTSUS (Section 301 investigation of China)

Feb 15 - U.S. amendment to weapons of mass destruction proliferators sanctions regulations concerning payments for legal services

Feb 15 - U.S. regulations implementing executive order, Chinese military-industrial complex sanctions regulations

Feb 9 - USTR request for comments on operation of USMCA regarding trade in automotive goods

Feb 8 - Brazil: Potential new increase in user fee for integrated foreign trade system

Feb 8 - U.S. regulations implementing executive order, Ethiopia sanctions regulations

Feb 8 - United States and Japan reach tariff agreement on steel products under Section 232

Feb 7 - United States adds 33 persons to “unverified list” regarding exports, reexports or in-country transfers

Feb 7 - UAE: Implications of 2022 GCC unified customs tariff, effective 1 February 2022

Feb 4 - U.S. House passes trade legislation

Feb 2 - United States-Brazil agreement on trade rules and transparency

Feb 1 - U.S. proposed rule to amend ITAR

January 2022

Jan 28 - China: Comprehensive bonded areas, standardized management system

Jan 27 - USTR conforming amendments to product exclusion extensions (imports from China)

Jan 27 - U.S. forced labor findings, imports of palm oil from Malaysia and seafood from Taiwan

Jan 26 - U.S. modifications to HTSUS, Section 301

Jan 26 - WTO decision in United States-China dispute over subsidy duties

Jan 26 - U.S. House bill includes trade provisions and addresses trading relationship with China

Jan 26 - U.S. business advisory, risks associated with doing business in Myanmar

Jan 26 - Bahrain: VAT rate increase to 10%; treatment of imports during one-year transitional period

Jan 24 - U.S. general license releases, FAQs regarding Ukraine-related sanctions

Jan 12 - Netherlands: New customs declaration system, phased implementation by 2023

Jan 11 - U.S. announcement: Hong Kong company to pay $5.2 million to settle violations of Iranian sanctions

Jan 11 - U.S. FDA to reject data entry on entry types not subject to FDA import requirements

Jan 11 - U.S. interim final rule on information security controls of cybersecurity items, delayed effective date

Jan 11 - India: Clarification of customs treatment of automobile parts

Jan 10 - Argentina: Measures on customs duty for export of services and goods, among other items

Jan 5 - U.S. controls of “software specifically designed to automate the analysis of geospatial imagery” extended

Jan 5 - Serbia: Customs measures effective 1 January 2022

Jan 3 - Asia-Pacific free trade agreement, entry into force

Jan 3 - United States terminates AGOA customs benefits for Ethiopia, Guinea, and Mali

Jan 3 - U.S. company agrees to pay $91,000 to settle Cuban sanction regulations

2021 Articles

December 2021

Dec 30 - CBP guidance regarding tariff-rate quota for imports of steel and aluminum from EU, exemption for derivative articles

Dec 23 - U.S. bank agrees to pay $115,000 to settle North Korea-related, other sanctions violations

Dec 20 - Australia-UK free trade agreement

Dec 20 - U.S. CBP issues “withhold release order” regarding more disposable glove producers in Malaysia

Dec 20 - KPMG report: Shipping and offshore update (December 2021)

Dec 16 - U.S. Congress passes bill restricting imports from China’s Xinjiang region, response to reports of forced labor

Dec 16 - U.S. additions and modification to EAR entity list

Dec 10 - USTR request for comments, “special 301” review of IP protections for 2022

Dec 9 - U.S. House passes bill restricting imports from China’s Xinjiang region, response to reports of forced labor

Dec 8 - KPMG report: Preparing for 2022, year-end cost savings and trade compliance considerations

Dec 8 - U.S. final regulations amending EAR and ITAR regarding Cambodia

Dec 8 - U.S. interim final rule removes 30 exclusions from Section 232 tariff exclusions, steel and aluminum imports

Dec 6 - Australia: Tariff concession order applications, and addressing objections of local manufacturers

Dec 6 - U.S. amendment to product exclusion, Section 301 action concerning nonwoven wipes imported from China

Dec 2 - CBP to deny liquidation extensions and to suspend protest processing, Section 301 litigation of imports from China

Dec 2 - U.S. directive, general license and FAQs regarding Belarus-related sanctions

Dec 1 - France: Implications of revised VAT reverse-charge on imports

November 2021

Nov 29 - WCO publishes 2022 edition of Harmonized System Nomenclature

Nov 24 - United States and India reach agreement regarding “equalization levy” (digital services tax), termination of trade measures

Nov 24 - U.S. additions and revisions to EAR entity list; addition of entity to “military end-user” list

Nov 24 - U.S. general license regarding Venezuela sanctions regulations; final rule amending Syrian sanctions regulations

Nov 22 - United States and Turkey announce digital services tax agreement, termination of trade measures 

Nov 22 - Kazakhstan: Extension of “pilot project” regarding consignment notes for goods

Nov 15 - U.S. product exclusion extensions, Section 301 action concerning medical-care products imported from China (COVID-19)

Nov 10 - Bahrain: GCC e-platform intended to facilitate trade

Nov 9 - Australia: Advanced planning for customs duties with regard to major projects

Nov 9 - U.S. OFAC issues “finding of violation” to UAE bank regarding Sudan sanctions regulations

Nov 9 - U.S. sanctions regarding trade with Syria, new FAQ

Nov 8 - Brazil: Changes to Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program

Nov 8 - Switzerland: Proposal to eliminate import duties on industrial products, to simplify Swiss customs tariffs

Nov 8 - U.S. reporting concerning watches and clocks subject to Section 301 customs duties (imported from China)

Nov 4 - CBP “withhold release order” on additional glove producers in Malaysia

Nov 1 - United States, EU agree to replace and suspend tariffs in steel and aluminum trade disputes

October 2021

Oct 29 - EU: Combined Nomenclature for 2022

Oct 27 - U.S. “web general licenses” relating to Ukraine

Oct 25 - U.S. export controls on “brain-computer interface” emerging technology

Oct 25 - U.S. publication of Venezuela “web general licenses”

Oct 21 - United States agrees to terminate trade actions, response to digital services taxes imposed by Austria, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Oct 21 - U.S. proposed rule concerning “license exception strategic trade authorization”

Oct 21 - CBP “withhold release order” on disposable gloves from Malaysia

Oct 21 - CBP “withhold release order” on tomatoes produced by farm in Mexico

Oct 20 - U.S. interim final rule, information security controls of cybersecurity items

Oct 19 - KPMG report: Supply chain disruption in Asia Pacific region

Oct 18 - U.S. Treasury’s review of sanctions

Oct 15 - Ireland: Proposals for trade with Northern Ireland; customs controls and requirements

Oct 15 - Thailand: Digital tax coupons for use and application against customs duties and taxes

Oct 15 - U.S. sanctions compliance guidance for virtual currency industry

Oct 6 - USTR request for comments, exclusions of products of China subject to Section 301 tariffs

Oct 5 - U.S. control of deuterium for non-nuclear end-use under Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

Oct 4 - USTR addresses U.S. approach to trade relationship with China

Oct 4 - U.S. rule amending CCL, biological equipment “software”

Oct 1 - Thailand: Control of “dual-use” items, weapons of mass destruction

Oct 1 - U.S. agreement with Vietnam, Section 301 investigation of timber

August 2021

Aug 31 - EU: Transitional preferential rules of origin under pan-Euro-Mediterranean (PEM) Convention

Aug 27 - Romanian bank and U.S. parent company agree to pay $860,000 to settle Iran and Syria sanctions violations

Aug 26 - UK financial institution agrees to pay $2.3 million to settle Sudan sanction violations

Aug 26 - U.S. request for comments, extension of exclusions of medical product imported from China (COVID-19)

Aug 24 - U.S. allows exports of certain education-related services, software to students in Iran

Aug 18 - Revisions to U.S. Munitions List Categories I, II, and III

Aug 17 - India: Rebate of taxes and levies on apparel exports

Aug 17 - Ireland: Six-month report card on Brexit; VAT and customs implications

Aug 17 - UAE: Customs guidance on imports of goods via e-commerce (Dubai)

Aug 16 - Mexico: Trade-related compliance activities suspended (COVID-19)

Aug 12 - Canada: Comments requested on proposed changes to trade remedy system

Aug 12 - Netherlands: Increased monitoring of import declarations by Dutch Customs

Aug 11 - China: Tariff exemption for imported materials processed in Hainan Yangpu Bonded Zone for domestic sales

Aug 10 - China Customs streamlines penalty provisions

Aug 9 - California company to pay $6.6 million penalty for software exports violating U.S. arms regulations

Aug 9 - U.S. sanctions of Belarusian individuals, entities

Aug 6 - India: Authorised economic operator (AEO) renewal

Aug 4 - CBP “withhold release order” regarding seafood harvested with forced labor

Aug 4 - Bahrain: Updated e-payment facility for customs fees and taxes

Aug 3 - USTR technical amendment to product exclusion (imports from China)

May 2021

May 28 - Trade measures in Biden Administration’s FY 2022 budget proposals

May 28 - Revisions to military end-user list, U.S. munitions list for 3-D printing of firearms

May 28 - U.S. proposal regarding forced labor on fishing vessels

May 28 - U.S. sanctions regulations related to Myanmar

May 25 - CBP modifies “withhold release order” to allow certain tobacco imports from Malawi

May 25 - Saudi Arabia: Tax and customs authorities merge into single authority

May 24 - Thailand: Proposed temporary reduction of customs duty surcharge for inadvertent underpayments

May 18 - KPMG report: Keeping forced labor out of U.S. supply chains as scrutiny rises

May 18 - UAE: Imported consumer goods, electronic customs clearance platform

May 17 - United States, EU agree to address steel and aluminum trade issues, customs duties

May 17 - CBP headquarters ruling; cotton garments produced in part by forced labor in China

May 17 - UAE: Guideline allows for facilitated movement of goods between GCC countries

May 14 - Proposed regulations pending OIRA review: Non-preferential origin determinations, imports from Canada or Mexico

May 12 - U.S. request to Mexico triggers initial application of USMCA labor mechanism; customs implications for imports

May 11 - Australia: Trade and indirect tax measures in federal budget

May 11 - EU: New export controls for “dual-use” goods and technologies

May 5 - Proposed regulations pending OIRA review: Merchandise produced by forced labor

May 4 - U.S. company to pay $13 million to settle alleged ITAR export violations

May 3 - USTR hearings this week, investigations of digital services taxes

April 2021

Apr 30 - U.S. annual “special 301 report” on protecting intellectual property rights

Apr 29 - German company agrees to pay $2.1 million to settle violations of Iranian sanctions

Apr 27 - Serbia: Free trade agreement with Euroasian Economic Union countries

Apr 27 - UAE: Exemption from service fee, customs deposit refund claims (Dubai)

Apr 23 - USTR technical amendment to product exclusions (imports from China)

Apr 21 - U.S. sanctions, timber and pearl enterprises in Myanmar

Apr 20 - EU: Simplified customs regime (IOSS) for e-commerce sellers and marketplaces effective beginning July 1, 2021

Apr 19 - U.S. company agrees to pay $435,000 for imports of engineering services from Iran

Apr 19 - KPMG report: First sale rule, goods produced in non-market economy countries

Apr 16 - U.S. sanctions imposed on entities and individuals in Russia

Apr 15 - UK: Freeports reintroduced; simplified import procedures, suspended customs tariffs and import VAT

Apr 14 - Poland: Amendments intended to simplify customs procedures

Apr 8 - UAE: Consolidated export verification report process, expedited VAT refunds

Apr 7 - United States adds Myanmar to list of countries subject to military intelligence-related controls

Apr 7 - UAE: Dubai Customs extends “grace period” for submitting customs declarations (COVID-19)

Apr 5 - U.S. trade court: Presidential proclamation imposing tariffs on steel “derivatives” held invalid

Apr 5 - Saudi Arabia: Regulations to implement customs benefits in special economic zone

March 2021

Mar 31 - CBP headquarters ruling; apparel produced by forced labor of North Korean nationals

Mar 31 - USTR report of foreign trade barriers affecting U.S. exports of goods and services

Mar 30 - USTR announces hearings, requests comments about Section 301 investigations of digital services taxes

Mar 29 - Delayed compliance with U.S. “aluminum import monitoring and analysis system”

Mar 29 - United States suspends trade engagement with Myanmar

Mar 29 - U.S. final rule, removal of reporting requirements for certain encryption items

Mar 29 - Saudi Arabia: Deferral of customs duty for 21-day period after importation

Mar 26 - U.S. next steps in Section 301 investigations of digital services taxes

Mar 26 - Italian company to pay $950,000 to settle violations of Iranian sanctions

Mar 26 - U.S. forced labor finding, disposable gloves produced in Malaysia

Mar 25 - CBP “absolute quota” for steel under Section 232 quota limits (second quarter 2021)

Mar 18 - U.S. Senate confirms Katherine Tai as U.S. Trade Representative

Mar 17 - ITAR country list amended to include Russia; denial for exports of defense articles and defense services

Mar 16 - CBP provides trade statistics for FY 2020

Mar 15 - U.S. company to pay $216,000 to settle violations of Iranian sanctions

Mar 12 - New trans-European customs systems for export and transit

Mar 11 - United States and EU suspend additional tariffs, effective March 11, 2021

Mar 10 - U.S. actions concerning certain foreign military-intelligence end-users

Mar 10 - Serbia: Amendments concerning customs declarations and application of VAT rules

Mar 9 - CBP addresses how to modify or revoke “withhold release orders” when forced labor is involved

Mar 8 - U.S. product exclusion extensions, Section 301 action concerning medical-care products from China (COVID-19)

Mar 8 - EU and United States conclude negotiations to adjust agricultural quotas

Mar 5 - U.S. export regulatory action in response to military coup in Myanmar

Mar 5 - United States and European Union to suspend tariffs, large civil aircraft disputes

Mar 4 - United States and UK to suspend tariffs, large civilian aircraft disputes

Mar 1 - U.S. trade court: Test case concerning “first sale” valuation and non-market economies

Mar 1 - President Biden’s 2021 trade agenda presented to Congress

January 2021

Jan 29 - CBP focus on “direct business connection” with entities in Xinjiang region

Jan 29 - U.S. trade court: Challenge to Section 232 steel “derivatives” tariff by importer of steel nails

Jan 29 - UAE: Suspension of customs declarations expires January 31, 2021 (COVID-19)

Jan 27 - U.S company to pay $540,000 to settle violations, telecommunications equipment destined for Russia

Jan 26 - Delayed effective date of U.S. “aluminum import monitoring and analysis system”

Jan 22 - Biden Administration’s temporary freeze on U.S. regulations, implications for trade-related guidance

Jan 21 - Updated FAQs on U.S. export controls for military end-use in China, Russia, Venezuela

Jan 19 - U.S. presidential proclamation, large residential washers and washer parts

Jan 15 - U.S. controls to bar support of foreign military-intelligence, weapons of mass destruction activities

Jan 15 - U.S. findings, Section 301 investigation of Vietnam’s currency valuation policies and practices

Jan 14 - U.S. findings from investigations of digital services taxes in Austria, Spain, United Kingdom

Jan 14 - U.S. final rule, Hong Kong-related sanctions regulations

Jan 14 - U.S. to detain cotton and tomato products, Uyghur forced labor in China

Jan 14 - Indonesian company to pay $1 million to settle violations of North Korea sanctions regulations

Jan 13 - Canada and UK announce trade restrictions, response to forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region

Jan 7 - Additional customs duties on imports from France suspended, digital services tax investigation

Jan 7 - U.S. findings from investigations of digital services taxes in India, Italy, Turkey

Jan 7 - Overview of free trade agreement between UK and EU

Jan 6 - EU removes UK territories from registered export (REX) system dates of application

Jan 5 - Additional U.S. customs duties effective January 6, 2021; response to French digital services tax

2020 Articles

December 2020

Dec 31 - U.S. modified tariffs on EU products, response to large civil aircraft dispute

Dec 30 - U.S. legislation concerns foreign trade zones, merchandise processing fee refunds, other items under USMCA

Dec 30 - California technology company agrees to settle various sanctions violations

Dec 28 - CBP guidance regarding U.S. aluminum import license program

Dec 28 - U.S. tariff provisions in 2018 legislation set to expire December 31, 2020

Dec 23 - U.S. product exclusion extensions, Section 301 action concerning medical-care products from China (COVID-19)

Dec 22 - U.S. final rules: Military end-user, updated list; Hong Kong removed as separate destination

Dec 21 - Brexit-related customs considerations for businesses in Northern Ireland

Dec 16 - China: First "zero-tariff" product list for Hainan free trade port

Dec 16 - EU: Rules of origin measures under pan-Euro-Mediterranean region trade agreements

Dec 15 - Status of regulations: Excepting merchandise subject to Section 301 duties from “de minimis exemption”

Dec 14 - USTR request for comments for 2021 “special 301” review of IP protections

Dec 11 - Kazakhstan: Launch of “pilot project” regarding consignment notes for goods

Dec 10 - Katherine Tai to be U.S. Trade Representative

Dec 10 - UK statement on large civil aircraft dispute, USTR response

Dec 10 - U.S. interim final rule revising Section 232 tariff exclusions process for steel and aluminum imports

Dec 8 - Australia: Legislative proposal to clarify tariff classification of vitamins, nutraceuticals, food supplements

Dec 7 - EU: Sint Maarten satisfied pre-requisites for application of registered export (REX) system

Dec 7 - India: Shift in focus of trade policy, import substitution and domestic value addition

Dec 1 - UAE: Dubai Customs offers 80% discount on customs penalties (COVID-19)

October 2020

Oct 30 - U.S. presidential proclamation, confirming duty-free treatment of aluminum imports from Canada

Oct 30 - EU: Combined Nomenclature for 2021

Oct 26 - EU considers countermeasures against United States in large civilian aircraft dispute

Oct 23 - U.S. amendment to Cuban assets control regulations

Oct 23 - Panama: Reporting relief for companies registered in the Panama-Pacific Area

Oct 20 - Turkey: Amendment to customs regulation for certificates of origin

Oct 20 - U.S. holding company to pay $4 million to settle violations of Iranian sanction regulations

Oct 19 - Exporters can request six-month extensions of BIS licenses

Oct 19 - France: Digital services tax to be paid in December 2020; no response from USTR

Oct 19 - UK: Plans for sea, air and rail bids for “freeport” status

Oct 16 - Nigeria: Starting date for export expansion grant claims is 19 October

Oct 15 - Brexit and possible customs implications for EU companies

Oct 15 - Persian Gulf countries join transport convention (TIR Convention)

Oct 14 - U.S. presidential proclamation, imports of certain crystalline silicon photovoltaic (CSPV) cells

Oct 13 - WTO decision in large civilian aircraft dispute; EU countermeasures against United States 

Oct 8 - U.S. procedures, relief relating to steel articles imported from Brazil (Section 232 action)

Oct 7 - USTR requests for comments, “Section 301” investigations of Vietnam

Oct 7 - Mexico: Labeling requirements for importers of prepackaged food, non-alcoholic beverages

Oct 6 - USTR amendments to product exclusions and product exclusion extensions (imports from China)

Oct 6 - KPMG report: Shipping and offshore update (October 2020)

Oct 5 - USTR launches Section 301 investigation of Vietnam timber and currency undervaluation 

Oct 2 - U.S. product exclusions extended, imports from China

Oct 1 - U.S. company to pay $5.86 million to settle Cuban sanction violations

July 2020

Jul 31 - Free trade agreement between EU and Vietnam

Jul 31 - United States suspends BIS license exceptions for Hong Kong

Jul 29 - U.S. product exclusion extensions, imports from China

Jul 28 - Canada: Fee increase for imported vehicles, August 2020

Jul 28 - United States: No extension of duration of ITAR licenses, agreements (COVID-19)

Jul 28 - U.S. company agrees to settle Iran sanctions violations by foreign subsidiaries

Jul 22 - U.S. notice of product exclusions, imports from China

Jul 22 - U.S. Treasury’s updated FAQs on Ukraine and Russia

Jul 21 - U.S. arms embargo concerning Central African Republic

Jul 20 - EU: More time for countries to comply with REX system, origin of goods certification (COVID-19)

Jul 20 - U.S. determination of textiles, apparel imported from Mali

Jul 16 - USTR considering product exclusion extensions, comments requested (imports from China)

Jul 15 - U.S. notice of amendments to product exclusions (imports from China)

Jul 15 - U.S. trade court: Presidential proclamation on tariffs on Turkish steel violated statute; refunds allowed

Jul 14 - U.S. investigation of French digital services tax; additional 25% customs duties suspended until January 2021

Jul 14 - U.S. product exclusions regarding imports from China

Jul 14 - Australia: Tariff classification, differences between English and French versions of Harmonized Convention

Jul 13 - CBP to accept electronic phytosanitary certificates through September 2020 (COVID-19)

Jul 10 - CBP reminder of approaching end of postponed deadlines for customs duties, fees (COVID-19)

Jul 9 - U.S. exclusion requests, extended through 1 September 2020 (imports from China)

Jul 2 - Federal Circuit: Tariff classification of computer cover

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