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European Power & Utilities Report – Q3 2014

European Power & Utilities Report – Q3 2014

EU leaders agreed on 23 October 2014 the main building blocks of the 2030 policy framework for climate and energy.


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  • Electricity baseload prices in Central Europe have strongly recovered in Q3 from their low summer values of around 20€/MWhto ~40€/MWh.
  • Prices in the UK have also increased in Q3 but at a slower pace
  • Baseloadprices in Spain have dramatically recovered to reach ~60€/MWh
  • Oil prices have started a significant downward trend at the end of Q3
  • Gas border prices in Europe have decreased to values around 9 USD/MMBTU, still well above Henry Hub levels (4 USD/MMBTU).
  • Coal prices continue their slow decline trend and have reached ~70 USD/t
  • As a result, gas-based generation margins (spark spreads) are recovering slowly to slightly positive values, while coal-based margins (dark spreads) are also improving across Europe.

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