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How can you be more efficient at managing tax?

How can you be more efficient at managing tax?

What is your strategy and how do you make it happen? Explore how to achieve your objectives.


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Tax Management Consulting

The environment in which tax directors operate has changed dramatically.

  • Lingering economic uncertainty is increasing pressure on many companies to cut costs and on tax authorities to boost revenue.
  • Globalization is continuing to drive centralization of finance, tax and other functions.
  • Companies are expected to improve their governance, accountability and transparency in all areas including tax.
  • Regulation will require more disclosure of global tax data to tax authorities and in some cases publicly.
  • Public and governments are demanding companies pay a “fair share” of tax where they earn their profits.

Tax functions need to adapt to this changing world with mounting regulatory and cost pressures and get to grips with how to manage communication with the wide range of stakeholders that are now interested in tax.

Knowing how to address these challenges can be a daunting task. Professionals at KPMG member firms can help you assess the specific challenges you are facing and draw on our experience to develop and implement a tailored approach that works for your business.

In our experience the challenges and the solutions can be grouped into the key elements of Governance, Compliance and Technology.

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