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Asia Pacific R&D Incentives guide

Asia Pacific R&D Incentives guide

In this new fifth edition of the KPMG Asia Pacific (ASPAC) R&D incentives guide highlights of all the practical details of the R&D incentives programs from around the world and explores other related issues decision-makers should consider when determining the best location for their R&D activities within the ASPAC region.


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Asia Pacific R&D Incentives Guide

In this edition we can see the following new developments:

  • Japan has extended its R&D tax credit system for an additional 3 years.
  • New Zealand has introduced a new R&D grants and funding scheme.
  • Singapore has introduced additional benefits for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are now eligible for a tax deduction of 400 percent on the first SGD 600,000, which is an increase of SGD 200,000.
  • South Korea has expanded benefits for medium sized companies.

The pace of change is expected to continue, as R&D incentives develop and mature.The schemes are broadly similar but unique to each country’s tax system. For example, some countries offer distinctly different benefits for small and medium enterprises as compared to large companies; and R&D compliance protocols in ASPAC jurisdictions vary from ‘self-assessment’ to tax authority ‘audit’ prior to refund issuance.

This overview of the fifth edition summarizes in tabular form the R&D benefits for each country in the ASPAC region. It also highlights related matters companies should consider when examining the best location for R&D activities. A comprehensive ‘country by country’ report of the R&D incentive schemes in each ASPAC country is available on request.

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