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What Works – As strong as the weakest link

What Works – As strong as the weakest link

To deliver value for patients requires change in five main areas. Start with a clear vision and understanding of what value means and focus energy on cohesive action across all the areas.

Mark Britnell

Global Healthcare Expert, KPMG International; Senior Partner, KPMG in the UK

KPMG in the UK


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The report provides healthcare systems and providers with a roadmap for the transformation process with a KPMG Value maturity matrix that outlines changes across five areas that are crucial to creating value-based health systems:

  • Patient engagement. In a value-based healthcare system patients are not passive recipients but active participants in designing their care pathways and in measuring the outcomes.
  • Defining and measuring outcomes. Measuring patient outcomes is central to the value-based approach. Long-term outcomes are the responsibility of all providers and results should be shared across the system and, ultimately, with the public.
  • Coordinated care. Value is created by having a strong care continuum that can provide integrated care plans for specific groups and segments, with links to the wider community to enhance prevention and wellness.
  • Governance. Structures and systems support processes for coordination of care pathways and providers and for continuous outcome measurement and improvement.
  • Contracting. Contracts are a powerful and often under-utilized way to drive greater healthcare value and support a patient and outcome oriented approach. Healthcare organizations increasingly are looking to introduce contracts that reward value.

These five components can be aligned toward the ultimate goal of value, reflected in patients living more independent and enjoyable lives at a lower overall healthcare cost. A number of case studies from around the world show that it is possible to radically change direction to create health organizations with value at their heart. 

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