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Grooming your business for sale

Grooming your business for sale

Getting your business ready for sale can improve pricing and reduce the time to complete a transaction, but there are two other compelling reasons to begin grooming your business.


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Grooming your business for a sale

Most of the steps you will take are, in fact, good business practice.

You never know when the opportunity for a sale might arise because an offer comes along that is too good to pass up.Grooming your business for sale takes time, which means that you need to get started well in advance. Your reward is a feeling of confidence that you can seize the interest of more qualified buyers quickly, and possibly get a better price. You will also know that you are passing on the business in the best possible condition.

Could You Sell Your Business Today?

  • Are you in a position to respond if a strategic purchaser makes an unsolicited approach to buy your business?
  • What kind of first impression would you make?
  • Can you show a buyer a business plan that articulates your growth strategy and prospects? Do you feel good about the prospect of walking a prospective buyer through your premises?
  • As the business’ leader, are you critical to day-to-day business operations?
  • Is there a contingency plan so that the business can continue without you if your personal or family circumstances change suddenly?
  • Does the plan address short- and medium-term issues to preserve value through any transition? 
  • Is your management capable of filling your shoes?

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