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Nuclear Power: its role in shaping energy policies in Asia Pacific

Nuclear Power: its role in shaping energy policies

This report provides an overview of the current Asian nuclear power market, noting growing demands for nuclear power in the region.


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It also focuses on two of the major challenges for those considering nuclear power development: safety and finance.

To provide insights for Asian countries which plan to construct nuclear power reactors in the near future, our report outlines the United Kingdom’s (UK) new nuclear program; particularly focusing on assuring operational safety and organizational governance. This approach reflects the lessons learnt from the Fukushima accident and the process of securing funding for construction. 

Key authors of the publication:

  • Mina Sekiguchi, Head of Energy and Natural Resources, Asia Pacific and Japan, KPMG in Japan 
  • Vicky Parker, Partner, Energy and Natural Resources, Strategy Group, KPMG in the United Kingdom 
  • Darryl Murphy, Partner, Global Infrastructure, KPMG in the United Kingdom 
  • Dr Glenn R. George, Principal, Advisory, KPMG in the United States of America 
  • Tim Rockell, Director, Global Energy Institute 
  • Nobuo Tanaka, Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability , Institute of Energy Economic, Japan 

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