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Global Construction Survey 2013: Ready for the next big wave?

KPMG Global Construction Survey 2013

KPMG International’s 2013 Global Construction Survey catches the industry in a more upbeat mood after several years of falling backlogs and tight margins that felt like a hangover following the previous boom. Economic recovery is stimulating manufacturing, while growing urbanization is driving a continued demand for infrastructure in all forms. Power and energy are essential forces behind such expansion, accelerating the need to extract and transport conventional and unconventional coal and gas, and build new installations for generating traditional and sustainable energy.


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The scale and duration of large engineering and construction programs means that contractors – particularly the bigger, global players – require some time to prepare for market upswings. Having tightened their belts and rationalized following the recession, are they fully ready to catch the next big wave of mega-projects?

Risk management remains high on the agenda of senior executives across the sector, and this year’s survey asks why the significant investment in controls has not managed to halt large-scale project failures or damaging incidences of fraud and corruption. Leading industry experts add authoritative insight into how to create a stronger risk culture, where key decision makers carefully evaluate potential threats across the organization.

With these issues in mind, the latest KPMG Global Construction Survey comes at an opportune moment, gauging the views of a record 165 senior executives of leading engineering and construction companies from around the world to determine the state of the industry and opportunities for growth. 

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