Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Stay a step ahead of industry evolution.

Stay a step ahead of industry evolution.

In recent years, the oil and gas industry has had as many ups and downs as commodities prices.

But despite challenges that include upstream volatility, midstream constraints, and industry consolidation, shifting customer demands and new technologies are opening up opportunities for oil and gas companies to explore.

The oil and gas industry is experiencing a fundamental reset and transition to new businesses and markets; KPMG firms can help.

To support a healthy business through disruption, oil and gas organizations are striving to improve their overall performance. We work with them to find cost reductions, rationalize portfolios, and successfully navigate tax law.

We also help companies establish sustainable cost management and earn rapid returns on investment. Much of that investment has been in the latest innovations, including data analysis, automation, and process simplification technologies that all contribute to higher efficiency.

At the same time, oil and gas companies are looking to build new businesses. KPMG professionals can help address the difficulties of operating across different regulatory regimes and highlight how changes could impact their supply chains and global delivery models.

To help ensure that oil and gas companies can successfully execute on their plans for the future, we offer resources and support for their efforts to upskill and transform their workforce. Finally, we counsel on industry best practices for protecting assets and supply chains from both physical and cyber threats.

KPMG oil and gas teams advise large and diverse companies around the world, including global corporations, independents, refining and oil service businesses, and national oil companies. We look forward to meeting the specific needs of your organization.

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