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REACTION 24: Adapting to a changing geopolitical landscape

This webcast discusses adapting to a changing geopolitical landscape in the chemicals industry.

21 February 2018, 10:00AM - 11:00AM, EST

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Geopolitical uncertainty is on the rise. Volatile oil and gas prices, shifting alliances in the Middle East, shocks to the European Union (EU) such as Brexit, the expansion of China, the Trump administration in the US, and the rise of nationalism and opposition to free trade — all these developments and more are increasing stress levels across the business world. Traditionally, the chemical industry has been more reactive than proactive about dealing with geopolitical disruptions. However, chemical companies would do well to consider appointing a Chief Geopolitical Officer (CGO) to help them address uncertainties in an increasingly turbulent world.

Join Rohitesh Dhawan, Director, Strategy and Alliances, Eurasia Group, and Andrew D. Bishop, Deputy Director of Research, Eurasia Group, who will be discussing these issues. To read REACTION 24 magazine click here (PDF 2 MB).

This webcast is a must for C-suite and Directors who operate within the chemicals sector.

Following this webcast, participants should be able to provide an overview of:

  • Comprehensive geopolitical effects on various countries
  • Regional challenges of a changing geopolitical landscape
  • The impact of geopolitics on the chemicals sector
  • Forecast of key political risks impacting business
  • A proactive approach for chemical companies when responding to changing environments

View the polling question results from the webcast (PDF 563 KB)


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