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Cost Optimization in the Oil & Gas sector in Colombia (in Spanish)

Brought to you by the KPMG Global Energy Institute – Latin America

14 March 2018, 10:00AM - 11:00AM, COT

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Join us for this webcast to discuss Cost Optimization in the Oil & Gas sector.

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Brought to you by the KPMG Global Energy Institute – Latin America.

Speakers: Enrique Lara, Advisory Management Consulting Director and Daniel Vargas, Director Hub Supply Chain Management.
Language: Spanish

The main objective of the Webcast is to present the approach on the reduction of costs in the areas of support to the operation within the Hydrocarbons sector. These costs actually represent approximately 40% of the possible total reduction of total costs. The remaining 60% of this possible reduction corresponds to the operating costs or core Business activities. KPMG will present how companies can approach projects to reduce administrative or support costs, mainly due to the fact that in recent years the hydrocarbon sector has focused on reducing operating costs, both in the Downstream and Upstream areas. In addition, there is currently a recovery in the price of a barrel of oil, which enables investment in both sectors of the production chain. Furthermore we will take a deep dive into why, in recent years there has been an optimization of the processes of exploitation, refinement, distribution and marketing but support areas have been left forgotten or relegated to such optimization.



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Webcast Agenda:

  • Welcome/opening remarks (Laura Barbosa)
  • Speakers CV and General Webcast presentation (Laura Barbosa)
  • Homogenization and Optimization of processes (Enrique Lara)
  • Optimization of the degree of maturity of the shared services centers (Enrique Lara)
  • Contractual management of products and services provided by third parties (Daniel Vargas)
  • Questions and Answers session