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KPMG Webcast: Resourceful thinking

In this webcast, we will be addressing some of the key questions facing senior mining executives.

10 March 2016, 11:00AM - 12:00PM, EST

LAUNCH WEBCAST (Click link to view this on-demand webcast)


In this webcast, we are addressing some of the key questions facing senior mining executives, as they face up to the challenge of falling commodity prices, rising costs and an uncertain investment environment.

Join Mark Woods, KPMG in Canada and Greg Evans, KPMG in Australia, who discusses the following issues.


Refocusing on strategic sourcing

Mark Woods argues that greater monitoring of procurement activities, closer supplier relationships, and rigorous master data management can build more value and reliability into the supply chain. He discusses the question of why so many supply chain professionals are fire fighting, when they would rather be making strategic sourcing decisions that improve the quality and reliability of procurement and reduce costs.

A new direction for transactions, driven by technology

Also included in this webcast presentation, Greg Evans discusses how technology and innovation are set to have a huge impact upon transactions over the next decade. Resource companies have some tough decisions to make about whether to outsource innovation and technology, or whether to own it as proprietary distinctive capabilities. If they choose the latter course, they will undoubtedly be on the search for suitable acquisition targets. As the mining industry becomes more reliant on technology, it might also attract potential new entrants from the technology sector itself, which could add a new layer of competition, as well as shaking up the transactions market.


Read their articles:

"Resourceful thinking: less fire-fighting, more planning, greater value"

A new direction for mining transactions, driven by technology”.


LAUNCH WEBCAST (Click link to view this on-demand webcast)


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