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KPMG Mexico Energy Conference 2015


22 September 2015, 3:00AM - 3:00PM, CST

KPMG’s Global Energy Institute was delighted to host KPMG Mexico Energy Conference, an event that took place 22 September 2015, in Mexico City. The Energy Reform has moved at a rapid pace, providing great opportunities for companies with experience in the oil and gas, and power industries. As part KPMG’s commitment to the development of this sector, we have brought together specialists and leaders who understand the challenges of this industry, in order to analyze the opportunities in it, of the country and Latin America.

KPMG Mexico Energy Conference became an opportunity to respond properly to the challenges that faces an industry that required optimal leadership, technology, talent, and risk and financial schemes, in both national and international levels.

We were accompanied by Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, former president of Mexico and former secretary of Energy, as one of our speakers, who offered his perspective on the strategic opening of the sector and as a result of the potential business alternatives and opportunities.

We also had a vision of specialists who shared their expertise through lectures and panels that discussed issues such as:

  • Latin American experience in the oil sector after the reforms in the region 
  • Discussion of results for Round One and areas of opportunity for future tenders 
  • How the wholesale electricity market will be developed in Mexico 
  • Natural gas and its future as strategic fuel 
  • The vision of the international pension funds regarding investment opportunities in energy infrastructure

> Download full recap report (PDF 514 KB, available in Spanish only) 


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