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The US chemicals industry in 2015

Gas-powered growth continues for US chemical companies

30 September 2015, 11:00AM - 12:00PM, EST


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In this webcast we discuss the US chemical industry, including what the recent fall in the oil price means for the shale boom, as well as how activist investor pressure is affecting business strategy in many companies across the industry.

Backed by low feedstock prices from shale gas, US chemical companies are maintaining steady growth in 2015.Overcapacity might become an issue within the next few years as a new generation of plants comes online. Companies are also challenged by regulatory restraints and investor activism. Nevertheless, expanding markets both at home and abroad, relatively cheap energy costs, a strong infrastructure, and competitive product prices all suggest that the US chemical industry will continue to enjoy the competitive advantages of the ‘shale gale’ for at least the rest of the decade.

The KPMG perspective

A number of upside and downside risks remain for US chemical companies. Overcapacity in the next few years has the potential to become a significant issue. Companies should be proactive in developing a stronger market presence, end-to-end supply chains and business partnerships in emerging economies to help absorb rising production as new US plants come online. Companies should also keep a close eye on domestic markets, such as construction and automotive, where growth remains positive but still in flux. Other risks include increased competition from emerging markets, a slowdown in the global economy, uncertainty about trade agreements, regulatory pressure and investor activists more focused on short-term gains than a company’s sustainability.

Granted the advantages of shale gas, record levels of capital investment, a track record of continued innovation and the overall strength of the domestic economy now is the time to make the tough decisions that will build a robust, outward-looking, globally dominant chemical industry in the US. Failure to do so risks wasting a once in a 100 year opportunity.


This Webcast is a must for C-suite and directors who operate within the chemicals sector.


Join Mike Shannon, Global Head of Chemicals and Performance Technologies, KPMG in the US and Paul Harnick, Global COO, Chemicals and Performance Technologies, Head of Chemicals, KPMG in the UK who will be discussing these issues.


LAUNCH WEBCAST (Click link to launch on-demand webcast replay)


To read Mike Shannon’s article, please click here: Gas-powered growth continues for US chemical companies.



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