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This webcast discusses the issues revealed by the KPMG Global Construction Survey as they relate to the global specialty chemicals sector in 2015.

6 May 2015, 11:00AM - 12:00PM, EST

Specialty chemicals have helped shape today’s global construction industry, introducing new levels of structural strength, protection and energy efficiency to homes, commercial buildings and public infrastructure around the world. The industry faces a number of issues, such as feedstock price volatility, changing patterns of regional demand and economic uncertainty, but the benefits and, indeed, the necessity of chemicals used in construction promise strong growth for the sector in the years ahead.


Industry Issues for 2015

Global economic trends suggest that the construction industry will continue to grow in size and diversity as a market for construction chemicals. However, a realistic assessment of the future should include a number of issues that may have a significant impact on construction activity and demand for construction chemicals in 2015.


KPMG Global Construction Survey

KPMG recently completed its latest survey of executives representing 109 companies from around the globe. Annual revenues from the companies surveyed varied in size from turnovers of US$200 million to more than US$100 billion. The companies served a range of markets including energy, power, industrial, healthcare/pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining, education and government. In general, respondents expected continued growth based mainly on increased demand for large infrastructure development.


Overall, with a steady stream of innovative, sustainable, high-performing and cost-effective products, construction chemicals production is one of the key growth areas of the global chemical industry. Economic concerns might add uncertainty to long-term forecasts for demand, but one thing is certain – construction chemicals will be essential for building a better world in the 21st century.


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This Webcast is a must for C-suite and directors who operate within the chemicals sector.


Join Geno Armstrong, Partner, KPMG in the US and Clay Gilge, Partner, KPMG in the US who specialize in major projects advisory, and who discuss these issues.


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