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Energy Reform in Mexico: Business opportunities in sight

This webcast discusses main challenges and opportunities for entities engaged in the oil and gas sector to do business in Mexico.

2 July 2014, 9:00AM - 10:00AM, CST

During this webcast, we will discuss main challenges and opportunities for entities engaged in the Oil & Gas sector to do business in Mexico, based on a new set of rules and regulations, through topics like:

  • Key information to make appropriate investments
  • Technologies and control mechanisms, considering geography
  • Structure and alignment of business processes
  • Planning, strategic alliances and Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
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With the constitutional reform to the energy sector approved by the Mexican Congress in December 2013, a chapter of the Mexican Oil Industry history is closed, that since 1958 allowed only to the State the execution of all and each of the activities of said oil industry, through Petróleos Mexicanos (known as Pemex, by its acronym in Spanish).

Finally, with new local and international players, the challenges and opportunities originated by this new scenario are very large. Success will depend on the capacity and speed to adapt to the new rules and market expectations. At KPMG we cut through complexity through our knowledge of best practices in international business, with local and global experience.


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