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Joni Karsikas


KPMG in Finland

Though Joni grew up in a small Finnish town, he’s been all over the world, including the UK, Sweden and the United States. His first business trip to New York City, however, was an entirely new experience, and one he had to adapt to quickly. That’s one of the reasons he loves working with the Global Strategy Group: every day, you have to find a new solution for a new problem, and you have to adapt to changing markets. Some of his contracts are very short, and only last a few weeks, while others can go on for three months embedded with the same client. It’s the kind of diversity that Joni could only have found at KPMG, where the Strategy Group offers a bigger range of clients and industries than any other firm. He’s been with KPMG since 2011, and his love of travel and football have grown with his role at the company. A fan of ecological diversity as well as corporate diversity, one of his dreams is to see the Galápagos Islands.

Areas of expertise

Advisory Buy Deal Advisory Deal strategy Management Consulting Mega trends Strategy and Operations Technology
Joni Karsikas

Education and qualifications

  • MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Lappeenranta University of Technology

  • BSc in Finance, LUT School of Business and Management

Past work experience

  • ABB, market and competitive intelligence

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