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Jay Jewitt

Jay Jewitt

Director, KPMG Cyber Security

KPMG in the U.S.

Jay is a Director with KPMG’s Cyber Security practice in Chicago, Illinois. Jay has more than fifteen years of experience managing and executing digital forensic, incident response, and electronic data discovery work. Subject matter expertise includes investigation of cyber intrusions, fraud, and intellectual property theft. 

Beginning as a United States Air Force computer programmer in 1995, Jay has been immersed in the information technology field. Since leaving the Air Force in 1999 but prior to his arrival at KPMG, Jay has fulfilled a number of strategic information security needs. He managed E-Discovery and Digital Investigations at Aon Corporation and Motorola Incorporated as each company’s lead incident response manager. He has performed security audits, designed secure networks, managed infrastructure changes and upgrades, and led forensic analysis projects since 2001.

Jay has experience analyzing computer systems, malicious code and network packet captures. Additionally, Jay’s background of network operations (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems) and security have given him a deep understanding of vulnerabilities and pro-active Incident Response planning. His background in corporate incident response helps him quickly understand infrastructure and architecture and how that translates into organizational risk, whether performing assessments or a live intrusion response.

Areas of expertise

Computer Forensic Investigations    Incident Response    Electronic Data Discovery

  • GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA)

  • GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE)

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

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